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CDA conducts operations against illegal car showrooms

Islamabad: CDA conducted Operations against illegal car showrooms build in various sectors and business centres of Islamabad.

The staff of Building Control, State and Enforcement Wing participated in operations against illegal car showrooms and sealed more than 100 illegal showrooms in G-8 centre where the highest number of complaints against illegal showrooms were received.

On the instructions of Chairman CDA Noo-ul-Amin Mengal, these showrooms were sealed so that the problems of pedestrians and businessmen would be avoided.

In this special operation that started on Tuesday, more than 130 illegal showrooms in G-8 center including F-10 center, F-11 center, and Blue Area have been sealed so far.

It should be noted that the illegal showrooms were not only occupying public parking areas but pedestrians were also facing problems.

The property owners were warned through advertisement not to use their properties for illegal purposes other than the allotted purpose, otherwise, such properties would be sealed.

After the expiry of the deadline given by the CDA and the issuance of several notices, a detailed survey was conducted and a list of illegal car showrooms established in all the centres was compiled, in the light of which these actions were taken under an integrated strategy. These actions which have been initiated will continue till the elimination of all illegal showrooms.