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CDA conducts balloting of 411 plots

ISLAMABAD: January 19, 2023: CDA has started issuing rehabilitation benefits to the genuine Affectees of Islamabad through a transparent and computerized process. In this regard 411 plots were allotted to the affectees of C-14, C-15 and C-16 Sarai Kharboza, Sarai Madhu and Sangjani areas through computerized Balloting.
According to the special orders of the Islamabad High Court and the decisions of the Federal Cabinet, Chairman CDA Captain (retd) Muhammad Usman Yunus had directed the Land and Estate Department to prepare a framework for issuing rehabilitation benefits free of all deficiencies. On which the Land and Estate Department introduced a special one-window counter for the convenience and ease of the affectees.

After all the applications are passed through the verification process through full monitoring, after all the legal and policy processes, the legitimate rights are being given to the affectees. Similarly, the current administration of CDA has also given legitimate rehabilitation rights to the affectees of the 30-year-old sector E-12 and issued rehabilitation benefits to other affectees including sectors D-13 and I-12 on court orders. While the federal ombudsman issued rehabilitative benefits through modern monitoring and verification process.

On the special instructions of Chairman CDA Captain (retd) Muhammad Usman Yunus, the process of releasing rehabilitation benefits in a phased manner has been started on the orders of issuing rehabilitation benefits only to genuine affectees free from corruption to solve the problems of all the affectees. In the first phase, 33 plots of modern records of Sectors C-14, 242 plots of C-15 and 136 plots of Sector C-16 are being transparently allocated for rehabilitation benefits through NADRA on Thursday, January 19. Thus a total of 411 affectees were given rehabilitation benefits through computerized balloting.

Further, the affectees of Mouza Bokra, Sourayan and Mouza Sheikhpur will be released rehabilitation benefits which have been pending for decades through balloting on February 23. The present administration of CDA has for the first time in history made a policy of submitting applications to all affectees through public notice and making a clear decision on all applications at the time of allotment for release of rehabilitation benefits to the affectees. On which the complaints of stopping the files have also been removed.

Chairman CDA has given a clear order to release legitimate rehabilitation benefits to all the affectees in a phased manner. On which rehabilitation benefits are being released in a clear and transparent manner by preparing step by step advertisements for all the locations. By which the problems of the affectees of Islamabad for 60 years are being solved.