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Khuli Kachehri for the citizen of Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: January 18, 2023: The administration of the Capital Development Authority implemented the special directive of the Prime Minister of Pakistan on Wednesday at the Hockey Ground of Islamabad near Abpara Community Center Sector G- 6 held an open court. In which the complaints of the citizens were received while considering other issues including sanitation, sewage system, water supply, road infrastructure, environment in the city. Similarly, the suggestions given by the citizens were also taken into consideration.

In open courtroom, Capital Development Authority Member Environment along with DG Civic Management, DG Water Supply and related officers also answered the questions of the citizens. On this occasion, complaints were also received from all sectors and areas of Islamabad. A large number of citizens participated in the open court. On this occasion, the administration also assured that the complaints received will be redressed within twenty-four hours.
Further, on the occasion of the open court, CDA Member Environment issued instructions and said that the Deputy Directors of the concerned wing will detail their respective areas on a weekly basis. Similarly, the concerned directors will also visit their respective areas every month so that all possible facilities can be provided to the citizens at their doorsteps.
On the occasion of organizing the open court, the citizens also thanked the administration and reiterated the commitment that due to the special interest of the present CDA administration, the problems of the citizens would be solved at their doorsteps. Apart from this, the member of the Capital Development Authority, Environment, on the occasion of holding the open court, added that the open court should be held again soon, about which the public will be informed soon.