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Chairman CDA inaugurated the rainwater rechargeable well

ISLAMABAD: January 10, 2023: Chairman Capital Development Authority Captain (R) Muhammad Usman Younis on Tuesday inaugurated the rainwater rechargeable well constructed in PMD Sector H-8/2. On this occasion, DG Water Management and other officers were also with him.

Chairman CDA told that 100 recharge wells have been constructed at different places in the city. In which 60 rechargeable wells have been completed while work on 40 rechargeable wells is going on rapidly and soon all these rechargeable wells will be completed.

Chairman CDA was further informed that more than one million gallon of rain water has been saved from these recharge wells. These wells are built in a place where rain water stand for 12 to 14 hours, which was lost by flowing into the rivers. These water rechargeable wells also have a special filtration system that keeps the water clean from polluted elements.

The depth of these wells is about 150 to 160 feet. This water gets absorbed into the underground layer which helps in raising the underground water level.

Chairman CDA further informed that flow meters and other devices have been installed at the rechargeable wells which help in monitoring the amount of groundwater and the amount of water absorbed into the ground. The Chairman CDA further informed that it has been observed that even a little rain increases the level of underground water. In the first phase, 100 rechargeable wells have been built at different locations, and in the light of the results, they will be built in all government buildings and schools in Islamabad.

Chairman Capital Development Authority issued instructions to the officers of the concerned departments and said that maintenance of these rechargeable wells should also be done on a daily basis so that the level of underground water can be maintained.