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Operations against Encroachment in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: 09 January 2023: On the direction of Chairman CDA Captain (retired) Muhammad Usman Yunus, DG Enforcement gave orders to the anti-encroachment staff regarding anti-encroachment operations, as a result of which today across the city 20 kanals of land were demolished and 5 trucks of goods were confiscated.

According to the details, the operation started from Sector H-9 of Islamabad, where the government land along with the slum was being occupied. conducted anti-encroachment operation  using heavy machinery demolished the encroachments and cleared about 15 kanals of government land.

Similarly, government land was being occupied by scooters and tractors on Curry Road, government land was being occupied near the scheme named after the late former Prime Minister Muhammad Khan Junejo in the limits of Mauza Tarlai.
While taking action against roadside encroachments at Lahtrar Road Tarlai, several fruit and vegetable stalls were destroyed and 1 truckload of goods was confiscated. Action against illegal constructions in Jhangi Saidan area, 1 train of goods was seized. A container was placed near Sector G-8 Royal News office for the purpose of encroachment.
Even in the evening, anti-encroachment staff are working in full force and 3 to 4 trucks of goods are being confiscated by conducting operations in different areas of Islamabad on a daily basis from the road side of public passages.