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Chairman CDA Captain (retd) Muhammad Usman Younis distributed certificates

ISLAMABAD: November 25, 2022: Chairman CDA Captain (retd) Muhammad Usman Yunus distributed certificates to two children Shah Zain Rashid and Salman Rashid on Friday.

It should be noted that some time ago, two children, Shah Zain and Salman, who came to the park of the federal capital (Islamabad) for sightseeing, were sitting on the bench of the park and they used the dustbin allocated for the garbage lying near the bench. I destroyed On which a citizen sitting by made a video of these children and uploaded it on social media. After the video went viral on social media, Capital Development Authority Chairman Captain (retd) Muhammad Usman Yunus had a special meeting with the two children at the CDA headquarters and appreciated their initiative saying that these children are role models for adults. and it becomes the duty of every citizen to take self-made measures to keep his city and country clean. Moreover, he also asked to distribute certificates among the children.

In this regard, Chairman Capital Development Authority Captain (retd) Muhammad Usman Yunus had a special meeting with the two children at the CDA headquarters on Friday and while encouraging them, he also distributed certificates to these children and expressed the hope that If every citizen considers cleanliness as his duty, we will be among the developed countries very soon.
Further, the Chairman Capital Development Authority also said that in this regard, parents also have a responsibility to inform their children about social values ​​along with education and training. Apart from this, Chairman Capital Development Captain (retd) Muhammad Usman Yunus issued instructions and said that soon CDA is going to start a special ambassador program for the promotion of social values ​​in collaboration with schools and colleges of Islamabad. The purpose of which is to highlight social values ​​including economic attitudes in the coming generation so that they can grow up and shine the name of the country.