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Anti-Encroachment Operations In sectors G & E of Islamabad

Isalamabad: 25 November 2022: On the instructions of Chairman CDA Captain (retd) Muhammad Usman Yunus, Deputy DG Enforcement has deployed enforcement staff and anti-encroachment operation squad outside the plot line in the urban areas of Islamabad. Encroachments including fences, iron grills and barbed wire ramps and CDA issued orders to remove illegal lawns built on the land and clear the public walkways from encroachments, earlier issued notices to the citizens of Islamabad.

On these notices, operations were carried out in different sectors of Islamabad today, in which sector G-8, G-9-, G-10, I-10 and sector E-11 were abolished and the areas of Bari Imam and Park were closed. 5 truckloads of goods were also seized by demolishing the constructions in the road and 4 kanals of land were handed over by removing illegal lawns.

According to the details, construction was going on in Sector G-8 Kachiabadi, the enforcement staff working round the clock demolished the construction and seized 1 truckload of goods. Sector G-9/2 government land fence and boundary wall was demolished outside the government blocks and 2 kanals of land was released and then moved to sector G-9/3 where illegal lawn fences near house no.1 and 2 were broken. About 1 kanal of land was handed over. Similarly, sector G-10/2 house no. 450 where illegal fence and lawn were built was removed and 1 kanal of land was handed over.

Similarly, related to building control, while carrying out operations against illegal constructions in sector E-11, in joint operation with the building control staff, an illegal service station was raided and 1 truck of goods was seized. Park Road near Jerry Building. had an encroachment on the road which stopped the vehicles coming out of the adjacent petrol pump and blocked the road. Encroachments were removed and 1 truckload of goods was seized

Apart from this, while taking action against the constructions in the area of ​​Bad Imam, a four-wall will be demolished. The Deputy DG Enforcement says that in the future, actions will be taken against the encroachments outside the plot line.