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Anti-Encroachment Operations in Different sectors of Islamabad

Islamabad: November 22, 2022 On the instructions of Chairman CDA Captain (retired) Muhammad Usman Yunus, the Deputy DG Enforcement issued orders to the staff regarding the anti-encroachment operation to be taken today, in the light of which today In addition to demolishing constructions in several sectors and rural areas of Islamabad, 3 trucks of goods were seized and 43 kanals of government land was handed over to the mafia.

According to the details, the operation started by demolishing 4 illegal rooms and a cattle shed near Nellore Heights near Farsh Town and transferring 3 kanals of government land to Nafis Medical Center in the same area, which occupied the government land and put up illegal parking and barriers. The enforcement staff took full action and pulled down the illegal parking and barriers and freed 40 kanals of land possession from the clutches of the mafia.

Similarly, the construction work of Margalla Road near Shahullah Ditta was stalled due to the intervention of the local people, who were allowed to proceed with the joint efforts of the enforcement staff and land officers. Similarly, while operating in the area of ​​Bari Imam, several constructions were demolished. In sector G-11 street number 109, the cages made for birds were removed and the street was opened. In sector D-12, heavy machinery on government land. A water bore was being done along with it, which was thwarted by the enforcement staff.