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Anti-Encroachment operations

Islamabad: November 18, 2022 On the instructions of  Chairman CDA, Deputy DG Enforcement has sent anti-encroachment teams and officers to public places and green buildings in Islamabad. In addition, orders were issued to remove encroachments on the footpaths of the markets, on which the enforcement staff carried out full-scale operations in various sectors and public places, and by carrying out operations with heavy machinery on green buildings, demolished several constructions and occupied 55 kanals of government land. Released from possession.

According to the details, today, 49 huts and 2 rooms without a wall on about 55 kanals at Sector H-9 slum Greenbult, which were obstructing the path of the Ninth Year development project, were demolished by heavy machinery. Did it. Apart from this, 2 rooms and 2 walls were demolished from government land in the area of ​​Bari Imam. While carrying out the operation in Margalla Town, the shed of galvanized sheet on the public road was pulled down, which caused obstruction to the citizens coming and going in the public passage. Sector G-6 Abpara known as G.T. Seized. Government land was being encroached by installing iron poles near Sector G-11/3 Judicial Colony.