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A meeting regarding the Introduction of Intelligent Traffic system in Islamabad was held on Saturday.

ISLAMABAD:  November 12, 2022: A meeting regarding the introduction of intelligent traffic system in the city of Islamabad was held under the chairmanship of Captain (R) Muhammad Usman Younis, Chairman of the Capital Development Authority on Saturday.

The meeting was attendedby Member Engineering, Member Planning, Deputy Commissioner Islamabad, SSP Traffic and other officers of CDA .
In the meeting, a presentation was given on the intelligent transportation system by the students of NUST University. It is pertinent to mention here that after the video of NUST University students regarding shifting traffic signals to automatic traffic system in Islamabad went viral on social media. Chairman Capital Development Authority Captain (R) Muhammad Usman Younis called these students to CDA headquarters and take presentation from them so that the results can be reviewed and improved in real time.

In this regard, Chairman CDA was briefed that this system will be camera-based and cameras will be installed at each signal which will automatically turn green or red by monitoring the traffic volume with the help of these cameras. Similarly, when the traffic pressure is high, this system will automatically shift to green color so that more traffic can pass and citizens do not face problems like traffic jam.
Students of NUST university further informed that in this modern system, special tracking has been kept for the ambulances so that if the ambulance comes, it does not have to wait and the ambulance gets its way easily. All these issues will be monitored from a modern control room.

On this occasion, Chairman Capital Development Authority Captain (R) Muhammad Usman Younis said that this intelligent transportation system should be introduced as a pilot project at a place in Islamabad city where the volume of traffic is high. He further said that pedestrian crossings and pedestrian signals should also be taken into account in this system.

The Chairman Capital Development Authority further issues the instructions that initially the system should be introduced on a trial basis at a place where the traffic flow is high and there are two or more signals together so that all the defects in the system could be removed and further improvements can be made in the system. Chairman Capital Development Authority while issuing instructions to SSP Traffic Police said that the options to link this system with Islamabad Safe City Project should also be considered.