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CDA's intensive operation against encroachments and illegal constructions

Islamabad:  August 2, 2022: On the direction of the administration of the Capital Development Authority, the Enforcement Department, with the support of the district administration and the Islamabad Police, encroachments and illegal constructions in different areas of Islamabad. Implement strong practices for elimination. Encroachments and several illegal constructions were demolished with the help of heavy machinery. 
According to the details, during the last three days of operations in the Sangjani area of ​​Islamabad, where the illegal settlement was established on the government land, 89 rooms, 23 kitchens, 25 four walls, 37 ovens, 27 washrooms, including 23 buffalo sheds were included. was demolished with the help of heavy machinery and more than 600 kanals of government land were given away.
Further, the enforcement department has also taken vigorous action against the illegal occupants in Orchard Scheme on Murree Road, who were encroaching on the government land allocated for agro-farm, which was allotted by CDA. During these operations, 59 illegal rooms, 2 washrooms including 4 boundary walls were demolished with the help of heavy machinery. Similarly, a mega operation was conducted against encroachments on both sides of Islamabad Expressway. As a result of this operation, 60 illegal stalls were demolished and 5 trucks of encroachers' goods were confiscated. It should be noted that these encroachments were disrupting the flow of traffic. After the operation, these corridors were opened for traffic.
Apart from this, the enforcement department also took vigorous action against the occupation mafia in Chenab Market located in Sector G-7/1 of Islamabad and demolished an illegal house with the help of heavy machinery and handed over the government land. Later, in Chontra area of ​​Islamabad, the enforcement department foiled the attempt to seize government land by demolishing 2 under-construction illegal rooms, 1 washroom and 1 four-wall with the help of heavy machinery during various operations.
On this occasion, the CDA administration said that the protection of government land is our first priority and no exception will be taken from the encroachment mafia and the aim of these measures is to keep Islamabad free from illegal constructions and encroachments