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Cutting and cleaning of wild plants

ISLAMABAD: August 2, 2022 Expressing indignation over the growth of wild vegetation and weed on Seventh Avenue, Chairman CDA directed the Environment Wing to immediately clean up the entire city, especially around Seventh Avenue. The work of destruction of weeds and grass should be completed. In this regard, DG Environment has been strictly instructed to visit the spot and monitor all the weed eradication work under his supervision.

According to the details, on the instructions of the chairman of the Capital Development 8 tractors, 30bush cutters and other machinery are being used in the cleaning and clearing operation of wild plants and weed that grow in the rainy season on 7th avenue

Similarly, the speed of cutting of wild plants and herbs in various parks including green belts, highways, intersections, slopes near drains, median strips of all other areas of the city has also been accelerated. On this occasion, the Chairman Capital Development Authority issued instructions to the DG Environment and said that the work of cutting and cleaning of wild plants and weeds should be completed as soon as possible and no lapses will be tolerated in this regard.