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CDA is taking all possible steps to maintain high standards of cleanliness in the city

Islamabad: dated May 12, 2022:  CDA administration in collaboration with UNDP is launching a new project to maintain high standards of sanitation in the city. Under this, other waste including houses in Park Enclave including Sector I-8, E-7, E-11 Margalla Retreat of Islamabad will be divided into Organic and In-Organic in two different categories. Organic waste includes food, garden and sanitary waste, while other organic waste includes plastics, wood, glass, paper, metal and solid waste.
In addition, the blue bag will be used to dispose of organic waste, while the green bag will be used to dispose of organic waste. Under the project, the bags will be provided to UNDPCDA for waste disposal. In this regard, under the public campaign in collaboration with UNDP, super sectors have also been set up on six mini dumpers of the Sanitation Wing which will collect garbage on the basis of departure from these allocated sectors.
In addition, organic waste will be disposed of at the designated dumping site while various items from these organic waste will be separated and recycled which will later be returned to CDA for reuse by UNDP. Will In addition, a complete kit including uniforms has been provided to the concerned staff working in the said sectors. The CDA administration has also made a soft launch of the project on the site.
On this occasion, the Sanitation Department of the Capital Development Authority has also appealed to the public to dispose of garbage and rubbish in designated places and garbage trolleys and dispose of the following items in the relevant bags and the city. Collaborate fully with the organization to keep it clean and tidy.