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CDA issues tenders for the development works of Sector E-12/4

ISLAMABAD: January 11, 2022, The management of Federal Development Agency (Capital Development Authority) is committed to start development work in Sector E-12/4. The Engineering and Design Wing of CDA has finalized the design and estimates for Sector E-12/4. Tenders for development works in the said sector will be published in newspapers. A budget of Rs. 406 million has been allocated for the development works of Sector E-12/4. These development works include drainage system, water supply, sewerage network, construction of other connecting roads including main highways, installation of street lights and other development works.

It is to be noted that the CDA management had recently held a meeting with the allottees of the said sector. During which it was decided that tenders for development works in this sector would be published in newspapers in the month of January.

The commencement and completion of development works in Sector E-12 will enable the allottees of the sector to take possession of plots which have been waiting for years for building houses in Islamabad. Development work in these sectors has been stalled for the last several decades, which is now beginning with the day and night efforts of the present administration.