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Illegal writing, wall chalking and stickers removed from the walls of Islamabad

ISLAMABAD (August 10, 2021): Calligraphy (artwork) on Islamabad's underpasses and bridges to further enhance the natural beauty of Islamabad on the direction of the Capital Development Authority management. 80% of the work of calligraphy has been completed
It should be noted that after the formal approval of CDA's Roads and Marketing Department in a few selected places in Islamabad, private companies have been allowed to advertise, while in Islamabad, wall chalking, advertising, writing or posting pamphlets is not only prohibited it is also a legal crime
In this regard, 7th Avenue, 9th Avenue, Faisal Avenue and underpasses have been designed with fine calligraphy (artwork). Renovation work on Peshawar Mor Interchange on Srinagar Highway is in full swing.
In addition, at the direction of the CDA administration, students of private and public educational institutions associated with painting and calligraphy in the underpasses and bridges of the Federal Capital have been specially involved in the artwork campaign I-8 Flyover. A beautiful pattern of truck art has been designed on the pedestrian bridge along with, so that the viewer can see the charming scene, decoration and calligraphy (artwork) is also highlighting Pakistani culture and civilization. The city's renovation and calligraphy (artwork) will also promote tourism
Meanwhile, the campaign has targeted illegal signboards, street boards, walls, underpasses, bridges, markets, power poles, parks and key centers on Islamabad's main highways, roads, green belts, streets and service roads. Special attention is being paid to restore advertisements, wall chalking, writing, stickers, pamphlets to their original form by the user.