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Improvement in the water supply of city

Islamabad: November 3, 2020 Capital Development Authority’s recent steps will help add 10 to 12 MGD water in the existing system to meet water requirements of the city. This increase will help augment the existing water system to address water shortage in the city. In this connection, the infrastructure for collection, treatment and transmission of portable water is being revamped. Water supply lines are being repaired, restored and leakages are being fixed in addition to exploration more options to strengthen the water supply system. Time line for these efforts is three to six months.  

In this connection, water supply wing,  in line with the directions of Chairman CDA making all out efforts for ensuring provision of quality portable water in required quantity. In this context, it has been decided to obtain four million gallons per day (MGD) of water from Rawal which was abandoned nearly thirty years ago. Furthermore, planning is being made to make functional the abandoned treatment plant once used to treat Rawal dam water. Once the share of water is received through Rawal dam and plant is functional water issues in sectors I-8, I-9 and I-10 will be considerably reduced.

 Similarly, work on restoration of 15 abandoned tube wells has also been taken up. In this context, in order to make functional the abandoned tube wells tenders have been issued and work in this regard would likely be initiated in next week. Authority has ensured availability of necessary funding and around 111 million rupees have been allocated for restoration of these abandoned tube wells.

Similarly, it has been also decided to carry out rehabilitation work at Sangjani water treatment plant which will also help improve the overall water supply in the city.  

It is pertinent to mention here that since last three weeks considerable steps have been taken by the authority to improve water supply in the city. In this regard, leakages in the supply lines have been fixed in addition to replacement of pipe lines in different areas of the city. In this context, Production Division –II of water supply directorate has repaired and restored different pipelines and saved water around 1.6 MGD and water supply in different sectors including F-10, F-11, G-9, G-10 , G-11, I-8, G-7, G-8, I-9, I-10 and G-5 has been considerably improved.

Similarly, during the last three weeks, 10 tube wells located in Golf Course, Poona Faqeeran, E-10, F-11, I-8/4, I-10/4 and H-8/4 have been repaired which help save water 1.30 MGD. Similarly damaged portion of conduction lines of 10 tube wells have been also reapired which has resulted in increase of water supply particularly in I series sector.  

Similarly,  during the last three weeks rehabilitation work on 12 water filtration plants has also been completed and has been made functional. By making these filtration plants operational now the number of active filtration plants in the city is 35.