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CDA is going to acquire 100 large garbage containers and 500 trolleys

Islamabad: October 16, 2020: Capital Development Authority is going to acquire 100 large garbage containers and 500 garbage trolleys to further enhance capacity of Sanitation Directorate for collection of garbage from the city. CDA has floated tenders in the national newspapers in this regard. Capital Development Authority has already removed around 6300 tons of garbage from Islamabad during last ten days. This huge volume of garbage has been removed from the capital following shifting Directorate of Sanitation from MCI to CDA. The average collection of garbage from Islamabad per day now is 650 tons per day which used to be below 500 tons when Sanitation Directorate used to perform under MCI. This sizeable increase has been possible due to better administrative control and monitoring by CDA Administration. Around 1600 sanitation workers are participating in this special cleanliness drive in the city with the help of 40 dumpers. 04 excavators, 08 buckets and other machinery. Duty timing of sanitary workers has been extended upto 5 pm from 7 am which previously used to be 7 am to 3 pm. Sanitary staff in markets has started to work in double shift i.e. till 11 pm. Capital Development Authority has taken a number of steps to enhance civic services in Islamabad during last few days. Along with sanitation, other civic services including upkeep of parks, maintenance of roads , street lights and water supply are improving with every passing day in the city.