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In the Interest of General Public and other stakeholders, it is informed that CDA Ordinance, 1960, ICT (Zoning) Regulations, 1992 and the Revised Modalities and Procedures framed thereunder for development of private housing schemes empowers CDA to regulate Planning and Development of Housing/Farm Housing Schemes. Two tier approvals of such schemes are granted by CDA. In the first step Layout Plans (LOP) are approved then on completion of subsequent formalities, the No Objection Certificates (NOC) for development of schemes is issued. the sponsors can start development work and sale of plots after obtaining NOC from CDA.

It has come into the notice of the authority that plots are being sold/marketed, in the name of following illegal housing schemes/agro Farming Schemes (as the sponsors of these Illegal schemes/land subdivisions have not obtained any approval/NOC from CDA) in Islamabad :-


Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) has been divided into Five Zones, under the provisions of ICT (zoning) regulations, 1992. As per Delineation of the Zones, Zone-1 constitutes Sector up to the existing alignment of the G.T. Road from the point of intersection of G.T. Road with Shahrah-e-Kashmir to the point of the Nicolson Monument inclusive of Sector D-14,D-15, D-16 (Partial) E-14, E-15, H-13, H-14, H-15, E-17.

As per provisions of Clause-4 (1)(A) of ICT (Zoning) Regulation, 1992, the development of land in Un-acquired Sectoral areas of Zone-1, shall be subject to the following conditions:

  1. Land shall be acquired under a phased programme and developed by the Authority in accordance with the Land Use pattern spelled out in the Master Plan.
  2. No Sale/Purchase of land which entails Change in Land Use shall be allowed.
  3. No construction of houses or buildings shall be allowed.
  4. No Private Scheme of any kind whatsoever shall be allowed.

Therefore, Construction of Buildings, Apartment Projects, Settlements, Land Sub-Divisions, etc. in violation of the Master Plan of Islamabad 1960, provision ICT (zoning) Regulations 1992 and Islamabad capital Territory Building Control Regulation 2020, are Illegal, including the following:

  1. Margalla View Valley, D-14
  2. Ahmad Town, D-14
  3. Awan Town, D-14
  4. Capital Hills Residencia, D-14
  5. Green Valley, D-14
  6. Paradise Valley, D-14
  7. Shehzad Town, E-15
  8. Green Valley Phase-II, E-15
  9. Gulshan-e-Taleem, H-15
  10. Qamar Garden, H-15
  11. Tayyab Garden H-15
  12. Jhangio Sayedain Homes, H-15
  13. Abdullah Town, H-17
  14. Zammar Valley, H-17
  15. Peral Orchard, H-17
  16. Talha Farms, H-17
  17. Ammar Town, H-17
  18. Sher Zaman Garden, H-17
  19. Chinnar Town, H-17
  20. Shifa International Housing Society, H-17
  21. Buraq Valley, H-17
  22. Civic Center, H-17
  23. Fazal-e-Rabbi, H-17
  24. Karam Elahi Town, H-13

Illegal Land sub-division in the following Sectors



  1. Islamabad Co-operative Farming Scheme, Sector D-17
  2. Green City ,Sector D-17, E-17
  3. Gulshan-Rehman Sector C-17,D-17
  4. Pakistan Overseas Housing Scheme, Sector F-16
  5. Pakistan Town Phase-II G-16, F-16
  6. Jamal Akber Colony, Tarnol phatak
  7. Taj Seventeen West, Luxury Apartments & Shops


  1. Ali Town
  2. Green Hills
  3. Green Meadows (North Ridge) Housing Scheme
  4. Major Makhdom Society
  5. Al Rayan Society
  6. Arcadia City
  7. Aryan Enclave, Korang road, Banni Galla
  8. Land Sub-Division,Sponsored by Mr.Raja Fakhar,on the South of Korang River near Banni Galla Bridge
  9. Riverside Enclave,korang Road,Banni Gala
  10. Maple Homes,Pesi Road Bani Galla
  11. Sukoon Villas,Bani Galla
  12. Lake View Lanes,Main Korang Road,Bani Galla
  13. Khyber City,Haider Street,Bani Galla.
  14. Pakistan Colony,Korang Road,Bani Galla.
  15. Silver Oaks Villas,Bani Galla.


  1. Abdullah Gardens, Kurri Road
  2. Adil Valley, Simly Dam Road
  3. Mufti Mehmood Enclave, Lehtrar Road
  4. Ali Model Town
  5. Muslim Town, Simly Dam Road
  6. Al-Syed Avenue, Park Road
  7. Muzaffar Abad Town (Pind Bhegewal), Simly Dam Road
  8. New University Town (near COMSATS) Park Road
  9. OGDCL Town, near Chattar, Murree Road
  10. Burma Town, Lehtrar Road
  11. Park Lane Valley, Park Road
  12. Doctor's Enclave, Simly Dam Road
  13. PTV Colony, Simly Dam Road
  14. Ghouri Town (All Phases in Zone-4), Islamabad Expressway
  15. Ghouri Gardens, Lehtrar Road
  16. Royal Avenue, Park Road
  17. Royal City/Royal Villas (near PINSTECH,Nilore), Lehtrar Road
  18. Green Avenue, Park Road
  19. Samaa Town, Kirpa Road, Lehtrar Road
  20. Green Avenue-II, Kuri Road
  21. Satti Town, Lehtrar Road
  22. Green Valley (Phase-I & II), Simly Dam Road
  23. Simly Valley (Phase-I & II), Simly Dam Road
  24. Green View Villas, Lehtrar Road
  25. Spring Valley, Simly Dam Road
  26. Gulberg Town (Phase-I & II),Lehtrar Road
  27. Adil Farms, Simly Dam Road
  28. Hameed Town (Mouza Mohrian), Kuri Road
  29. Badar Farms, Simly Dam Road
  30. Hill View Houses, Simly Dam Road
  31. Government Officers Co-operative Farming Scheme
  32. Iqbal Town, Islamabad Expressway
  33. Green Fields, Simly Dam Road
  34. Saif Garden, Kirpa Road, Lehtrar Road
  35. Islamabad Farms, Simly Dam Road
  36. Japan Valley, Kirpa Road, Lehtrar Road
  37. J&K Farms, Islamabad Highway
  38. Kiyani Town, Kirpa Road, Lehtrar Road
  39. Olive Wood Farms, Simly Dam Road
  40. Marwa Town, Islamabad Highway
  41. Shaheen Farms, Simly Dam Road
  42. Media City-I, Kirpa Road, off Lehtrar Road
  43. M/s Tricon Agro Farms, Simly Dam Road
  44. Paradise Point Housing Scheme, Lehtrar Road Islamabad
  45. Ittefaq Town, Old Kirpa Road, Lehtrar Road
  46. Royal Homes Residencia, Lehtrar Road
  47. Arslan Town, Lehtrar Road, adjacent to Alhamra Hills
  48. Canterbury Enclave near Park Road
  49. Gakkhar Town, Lehtrar Road
  50. Al-Nahal Housing Scheme, Simly Dam Road
  51. Usama Town, Hurno Thanda Pani, Nilore Islamabad
  52. Al-Rehman City View, Lehtrar Road, near PINSTECH, Nailore
  53. Zahoor Town, Lehtrar Road
  54. Makkah Town, Hurno Thanda Pani, Lehtrar Road
  55. Qurtabal Town, Islamabad Highway
  56. City Views near Nilore Islamabad
  57. Margalla Garden, Lehtrar Road
  58. City Town, Lehtrar Road
  59. Danyal Town, Hurno Thanda Pani, Lehtrar Road
  60. Faisal Town, Islamabad Expressway
  61. Al-Huda Town, Lehtrar Road
  62. Capital Gardens, Lehtrar Road
  63. Abu Bakar Town, Islamabad Expressway
  64. Babar Enclave, Mura Noor
  65. Commonors Sky Gardens (Flyover Valley)
  66. Gulf Residencia, Lehtrar Road
  67. Ideal Residencia, near Park Enclave, Kurri
  68. Dream Land City, Lehtrar Road Thanda Pani
  69. Rawal Enclave, Kurri Road
  70. Yaar Muhammad, Bani Gala
  71. The Enclave, Bani Gala road
  72. Ameer Khan Enclave, Mallah road, near Bahria Enclave-I
  73. Baylee Town, Kurri road, near Attock Petroleum
  74. Al-Rahman Villas, Kurri road, near Attock Petroleum
  75. Small Scale Housing Project developed by Mr. Shahzad, sanjania road opposite Beaconhouse newlands, Bani Galla
  76. Kohsaar Enclave, Jandala road, near Naval Farms Simly Dam road
  77. Rawal Enclave, Phase-III, Lethrar Road, Tumair, Islamabad. Head Office: Heaven Street Near Head Start School, Kurri Road, Islamabad
  78. Asian Ranches Villas, located at Lehtrar, Simly Dam link road Zone-4(D), Islamabad
  79. Blue Enclave / Star Home, located at Lehtrar, Simly Dam link road, Zone-4(d), Islamabad
  80. Madina Enclave, Phase-I, located at Lehtrar, Simly Dam link road, Zone-4(d), Islamabad
  81. Green Residencia. Lehtrar Road having head office opposite to Shaheen Town Phase-I, near Petrol Pump Jhang Syedaan
  82. Green Valley, Karor Road, Pehont, near Quran Complex, Zone-4(D), Islamabad sponsored by Raja Nasir & Ch. Amjad
  83. Bhara Kahu Enclave, Islamabad
  84. Galaxy Enclave/ Mufti Mehmood Enclave, Lehtrar Road
  85. Vista Valley, Lehtrar Road
  86. Land Sub Division Sponsored by Mr.Shahzad ,Sanjania Road opposite Beaconhouse Newlands,Banni Galla
  87. Karsaaz Villas ,near D-12 ,Shah Allah Ditta,Zone-4,Islamabad
  88. Margalla Valley,Main Murree Road,Zone-4 ,Islamabad
  89. Star Villas Housing Scheme,near Country Farms,Main Simly Dam Road,Zone-4,Islamabad
  90. Sadaat Town,Thanda Pani,Lehtrar Road,Islamabad
  91. Meharban Colony,Park Road ,Islamabad
  92. Batala Town,Near Neelam Colony,Lehtrar Road, Islamabad
  93. Partal Town ,Lehtrar Road, Islamabad
  94. Roshan Gardens,Lehtrar Road, Islamabad
  95. Saif Garden,Ali Pur Farash,Lehtrar Road,Islamabad
  96. Bani Gala Hill View,situated at Hill View Road,Bani Gala,Zone-4 ,Islamabad
  97. Rafay Town,Lehtrar Road,Nilore,Islamabad
  98. Mustafa Town,Lehtrar Road,Islamabad
  99. Nilore greens,Nilore,Lehtrar Road,Islamabad
  100. Paradise Enclave (Phase-II),Nilore,Lehtrar Road ,Islamabad
  101. Qureshi Town,Nilore, Lehtrar Road, Islamabad
  102. Afaq Town ,Nilore, Lehtrar Road,Islamabad
  103. Gulf Residencia (Phase-II),Lehtrar Road,Islamabad
  104. Suffa Valley,Gala View Road ,Islamabad
  105. Haji Asif Society,Nilore,Lehtrar Road,Islamabad
  106. Gulshan Valley By M/s Vista Valley ,Thanda Pani,Lehtrar Road,Islamabad
  107. Al-Amin Gardens,Nilore ,Lehtrar Road ,Islamabad
  108. Mustafa Town,Lehtrar Road,Islamabad
  109. Mughal Enclave,Nilore,Lehtrar Road,Islamabad
  110. Sanabil Garden By M/s Al Safa Marketing, Kuri Road ,Islamabad


  1. Gulshan-e-Rabia, Japan Road
  2. Gulshan-e-Rehman , Japan Road
  3. Parliamentarians Enclave, Japan Road
  4. National Police Foundation, PWD Road, Islamabad Highway
  5. Azim Town, Kahuta Road
  6. Pak PWD, Islamabad Highway
  7. Dhanyal Town, Kahuta Road
  8. Ghouri Town, Phases in Zone-5 Japan Road, Islamabad Highway
  9. Askaria Town, Japan Road
  10. Judicial Employees Housing Scheme, Kirpa Chirah Road
  11. Bankers City, Dharwala Road
  12. Rasheed Town, Japan Road
  13. River View, Kahuta Road
  14. Fatima Villa, GT Road
  15. Television Media Town
  16. Gulshan-e-Danish, GT Road
  17. Fiza Town, Hoan Dhamyal, Sihala
  18. Aliya Town, Mouza Lohi Bher Dokhli Jawa
  19. Danyal Town, Hoan Dhamyal, Sihala
  20. Aiza Garden, Mouza Lohi Bher Dakhli Jawa
  21. Sadozai Town, Kangota Sayedan
  22. New Model Town Humak / Roshan Enclave, Mouza Niazian
  23. Rawat Enclave, main Rawat chowk
  24. Rawat Housing Scheme, G.T road, Rawat
  25. Ayesha Town, Navy road, Rawat
  26. DownTown Residencia, Islamabad Expressway
  27. Canyon Views, Islamabad Highway
  28. Aiza Garden, kahuta road
  29. Samana Smart City and Sawan Farm House
  • Agro Farming and Residential Housing Schemes are permissible in Zone-4 under the provisions of ICT (Zoning) Regulation, 1992 [amended in 2010] and permissions are granted by CDA after completing the codal formalities.
  • Housing schemes namely Muhafiz Gardens, Rawat Enclave, Faisal Town, Grace Land Housing and Air Line Avenue are being marketed as located in Islamabad, whereas neither the subject schemes fall in Islamabad nor any approval/NOC has been obtained from CDA for launching and marketing of the schemes.
  • Through this notice, General Public is therefore cautioned/warned in their own interest to refrain from making any booking/purchase of plots in these or any any other un-authorized and illegal housing scheme and must consult authority (Tel. 051-9252494 for Zone-2, 5 & E-11 and office of Director Regional Planning, CDA for Zone-3 & 4 at 051-9252605) before making transactions about the legal status of the schemes. CDA Website may also be visited for having updated status of the schemes.
  • The marketing/advertisement of Housing Projects without NOC from CDA is illegal and unauthorized. The advertisers/marketing agencies are restrained from misleading advertising/marketing of illegal housing schemes. The sponsors are further directed to refrain from marketing and development of Housing Schemes without NOC from CDA.

Director Housing Societies
Phone: 051-9252494

Last Updated on 31 July, 2023

  •  Zone Area
     acres  km2
    I 54,958.25 222.4081
    II 9,804.92 39.6791
    III 50,393.01 203.9333
    IV 69,814.35 282.5287
    V 39,029.45 157.9466