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The Capital Hospital was established in 1981. Capital Hospital is a 450 bed, an acute tertiary care hospital committed to provide modern state of the art healthcare in Islamabad and is owned and managed by the Capital Development Authority. Capital Hospital is continuously looking for ways to improve service delivery and quality of care with the aim to provide pleasant experience to anyone seeking services at Capital Hospital. Capital Hospital with its wide ranging departments and modern diagnostic facilities manned by qualified and experienced medical personnel, is an important milestone in the CDA's efforts in the development of health services in Islamabad and to provide sustainable, high quality health services to its employees in particular and residents of Islamabad in general. The hospital was commissioned in several phases.

The Journey of Capital Hospital started in 1969 as a small day care Medical Centre to provide preventive and curative medical facilities on outpatient basis to the employees of the Capital Development Authority in particular and residents of Islamabad in general. The need for inpatient care necessitated the up gradation of this day care Medical Centre into a hospital facility and in March 1981, a 60 bed hospital was started comprising Medical and Pediatric wards, Coronary Care Unit (CCU) and its allied diagnostic facilities, Radiology Department, Pathology Laboratory, Dental Clinic, Dermatology Department and Mother & Child Health Centre. A Mobile Coronary Care Unit was introduced by the hospital in November 1982, as an extension of the hospital based coronary care unit. To provide the latest diagnostic and treatment facilities, Hospital has the distinct privilege of introducing Nuclear Cardiology to Pakistan in 1985 by providing facilities for Thallium Stress Test and Radio-nuclide Cine Angio-gram. Other Cardiac Diagnostic facilities like Treadmill Exercise ECG testing, 24 hours ambulatory ECG monitoring and Echocardiography followed in rapid succession simultaneously.

The hospital achieved full functional status in September 1992 with the completion of Surgical Block with Departments of General Surgery, Orthopedics, Urology, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Neonatology, Eye & ENT, Post-operative Intensive Care and Accident and Emergency services. Thus a 60-bed facility developed into a 295-bed hospital equipped with the latest state of the art equipment and providing modern Medical & Surgical facilities to the patients in emergency, outpatient and the wards. In 1999 a new block to house Physiotherapy Department, Pathology Laboratory and outpatients of some specialties was also commissioned. Since its establishment, CDA has continuously upgraded its facilities adding more services. This Block also houses CT, MRI, Lithotripsy and Cardiac Cath Lab. Capital Hospital has also equipped with a Nephrology Unit with Dialysis facility. Capital Hospital is a tertiary care facility, with all the major specialties providing health care services under one roof, by providing medical and surgical care to the patients in emergency, outpatient department and wards. On the Clinical side it is equipped with a well equipped ICU, CCU and Neonatal ICU and also has specialized surgical facilities like Laparoscopic surgery. In order to provide sterilized surgical instruments and clean linen items Hospital has its own state of the art facility of Central Sterilization and Laundry. Hospital has its central Kitchen under the supervision of a qualified Scientific Food Officer to provide Diet to the patients keeping in view their diagnosis and caloric needs.

Capital Hospital provides free medical treatment to the CDA employees and their dependent families, and is open to the general public. The Hospital is also recognized for House Job Training by Pakistan Medical & Dental Council and training is provided to 60 doctors in various disciplines. The Hospital is also recognized by Pakistan College of Physicians and Surgeons for Post Graduate Training and is providing post-graduate training in various disciplines of Medicine & Surgery to 50 Trainees

The hospital soon will be making functinal Cardiac Catherization Lab (Angiography, Angioplasty etc and the cardiac surgery department.

Capital Hospital is pioneer in establishment of Coclear Implant center for deaf and sumb children and has successfully completed Implant

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The Capital Hospital provides free treatment to the CDA employees, their families and dependent parents.

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