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Project Management Office
The Project Management Office (PMO) was created with a view to, in some way, corporatise the Capital Development Authority's organizational and everyday operations. Highly qualified staff has been hired to assist with the efficient, effective and smooth running of the PMO, which is being headed by the progressive luminary leadership. Director is an established peoples' manager, rendering his services to the corporate and government sectors at the highest levels, with a lasting reputation as an administrator and team leader par excellence, an undying work ethic and infallible and impeccable honesty. He has set the precedent within the PMO, propagating and initiating several high-level development projects for the city of Islamabad including the new Grand Hyatt Hotel, the Centaurs Hotel and Shopping Mall Complex, the new Arts and Crafts Village, the Intercontinental Hotel and several other projects.
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Main CDA Secretariat, G7/4 Islamabad.
Phone# 9253021
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