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Directorate of One Window Operation
Capital Development Authority is performing its multifarious functions for the betterment of public and development of the Capital City. One Window Directorate is created to give the prompt and efficient service to the public at one place. The main objectives of OWO are:- To streamline public interaction with CDA office Reduce opportunities of fraud and corruption Provide guaranteed response time to owners/applicants to reduce inconvenience. Save time of citizens and officials. Increased monitoring and supervision of officials. OWO has 7 counters in addition to an Information Desk and 2 transfer admitting cases counters. There is an office of the Director with auxiliary staff for supervision, and running of the system.

Procedures: The cases of public are received at the respective counters of OWO, and are marked to the concerned formations of the Authority for their prompt disposal within the stipulated period given to the public. In this way public is facilitated that they are provided one place in the form of OWO for the submission of their cases. Consolidated reports are prepared and sent regularly to the concerned formation for necessary action and also submitted to Chairman, CDA and Member (Administration) for information, on daily and monthly basis. To monitor the cases which are received from public. Staff of OWO contacts the concerned directorates, and pursue to achieve the progress. Recently a computerized personal identification system has been installed in admitting counters at OWO, to avoid the fraudulent transfer of properties.

Information desk provides information and assistance to citizens related to required documentation and its submission to various counters of OWO. Providing, Transfer Application Forms to Allottee upon receipt of NDC. Providing Green Book to citizens.
Counter 1 Deals with Estate Affectees. Cases are forwarded to Land and Rehabilitation.
Counter 2 Deals with cases related to Estate Management I (residential).
Counter 3 Deals with cases related to Estate Management II (commercial). Affectees submit their documents on counter no.1, cases related to residential plots / property are submitted on counter no. 2 and cases related to commercial plots / property are submitted on counter no. 3. Citizens can perform the following operations on their property through counter no. 1,2 and 3. No Demand Certificate Transfer of Property Transfer of legal heir Transfer through oral gift Change of title through sale deed Mortgage against property Issuance of certified true copies(CTC) Sub division of plots Auction of plots Extension of construction period of plot, Restoration Court Decision, Change of trade (counter no. 3), Loan from house building on plot (counter no. 1,2),
Counter 4 Deals with Land Survey 1.Possession 2.Verification form 3.Plinth verification certificate
Counter 5 Deals with Sector I-15. Installment payments related to sector I-15
Counter 6&7 Deals with Building Control Section (I, II and III) 1.Approval of plans 2.Completion 3.NOC for non conforming use.
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