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Emergency & Disaster Management Directorate
Emergency and Disaster Management Directorate was established in 2008 in the aftermath of 2005 earthquake and Marriot fire incident realizing the increasing importance of a fully equipped, pro-active and fast disaster mitigation and response unit of trained and motivated men and women.
Contact Details
Director, Emergency & Disaster Management, Fire Head Quarter Building, G-7/1, Islamabad
Phone# 9252842
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“The role of a fire fighter and rescuer in today’s society is dedication, commitment and sacrifice-no matter what country we reside and work in. In the Fire service we fight together against common enemy The fire irrespective of our nationality, color or creed.”


To Ensure Safety of all Residents of Islamabad From Any Natural and Human Made Disaster Through “Disaster Risk Reduction Measures” and “Immediate and Effective Response” in Case of Disaster to Minimize Loss To Life and Property

Directorate with a strength of 559 persons comprises of :

  • A well equipped Fire Brigade
  • Well trained team of “Searchers and Rescuers” ready to enter and rescue victims from any collapse structure
  • A fire Prevention and Audit wing doing safety audits of Pubic Use Buildings thus reducing risk of incidents
  • Emergency & Disaster Management Academy
Fire Brigade
  • Headed by Fire Chief (DD), fire brigade has recently been revamped through purchase of 35 new fire tenders and four snorkels (two 29 meters, two 68 meters)
  • There has been a recruitment and training  of 207 fireman to further strengthen the wing.
  • Fire tenders have been strategically deployed for swift reaction in minimum time
  • Fire & Rescue has successfully addressed over 349 incidents in last three months
S.No. Items Capacity. (Ltrs) Foam Capacity Total
1 Fire tenders (Mitsubishi) 12000 - 8
2 Fire Tenders (Hino) 10000 500 10
3 Fire tenders (Hino) 7200 300 9
4 Mini Fire Tenders (nissan) 1350 - 5
5 Mini Fire Tenders 4000 - 2
6 Bronto Snorkels     5
7 Command Vans   6 6
8 Pickups     2
9 Rescue Truck     1
10 Ambulance     4
  TOTAL     53

Fire Prevention & Audit Wing

Directorate has extablished a seperate Fire Prevention & Audit wing.The aims of the wing are:

  • To identify the fire hazards.
  • To reduce the risk of those hazards causing harm to as low as reasonably practicable.
  • To decide what physical fire precautions and management arrangements are necessary to ensure the safety of people in your premises if a fire does start.

Wing Activites:

  • Safety audits of public use buildings are being conducted and evacuation plans are being prepared for them. Several important public and private buildings have been covered. (Audit of President, PM House, Secretariat P Block, NTC, PTC etc. have been undertaken and reports circulated)
  • CDA’s Fire safety laws are being upgraded to cater for the present situations.
  • Trainings and Mock drills are being organized for the occupants of these buildings.
  • A reaction time between 5 to 8 minutes have been achieved for Fire Vehicle to reach the site of incident
  • Emergency & Safety Standards download here

  Urban Search & Rescue Team (USAR)

Pakistan did not have any Urban Search And Rescue Team considered to be the background of any Disaster Response System. Its dearth was felt after devastating earth quake of October 2005 that claimed thousands of lives through out northen area of Pakistan...| Read more


Emergency & Disaster Management Academy

  • Emergency & Disaster Management Academy has been Planned by CDA at H-11 (740000 Sqft)
  • This academy has been envisaged as a training facility against all types of disasters for CDA. It will also provide training facilities to concerned staff of other government departments as well as to NGOs.
  • A 35 acre plot in H-11 has been earmarked for the purpose
  • A rubble field has already been built there for training of USAR team
  • A temporary structure has been built where training has already started, over 150 fireman and 27 wireless operators have successfully completed their training from the academy. Another  80 fireman are undergoing training there.
  • Master Plan and Architectural Drawings of the Academy have been completed by the consultants M/S CITE, hired for the purpose. Work on the First Phase will start this year

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