Capital Development Authority
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Coordination Directorate
Functions to be performed under direct supervision of the Chairman. 1. Circulation of agendas for Executive Meetings, circulations/distribution of Board decisions, progressing and follow up action thereof. 2. Issue of all Board’s Orders and Instructions. 3. Arrangements in connection with National Assembly/ Senate Sessions.

1. Circulation of agendas for Executive meetings, circulations/distribution of CDA Board decisions.
2. Issue of all Board orders and instructions.
3. Coordination of CDA with outside(like National Assembly, Senate, Interior Division etc.)
4. Arrangements in connection with National Assembly / Senate Sessions.
5. All case pertaining to different Directorates coming in or going out of the Secretariat being processed on files.
6. All correspondence with Central or Provincial Governments on behalf of CDA.
7. All directives of the President and Prime Minister and correspondence from CDA Secretariat with follow up action on such Directives/correspondence.
8. Compilation of progress reports to the Central Government.
9. All National Assembly/Senate Questions.
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Coordination Directorate, Executive Block No.V, Khayaban-e-Suharwardy, G-7/4, Islamabad
Phone# +9251-9252474
Capital Development Authority