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Capital Hospital
Capital Hospital is a center of excellent for primary to tertiary health care facilities. Hospital is providing state of the art services to CDA employees and general public at the lowest possible (in-direct for CDA employees and direct for general public). Capital Hospital is a 270- bed hospital equipped with the latest equipment. It is a tertiary health care facility under the administrative control of Capital Development Authority and headed by the Executive Director. Capital Hospital provides free medical treatment to the CDA employees and their dependent families, caters to the needs of 18 semi-government organizations on its panel and is open to the general public.

Availing the facilities at Capital Hospital is easy with showing of a medical card/ computerized card by CDA Employees and their dependents which makes them entitled to all medical facilities and by getting an outdoor ticket for outdoor consultations in all departments. However patients who are not CDA Employees have to pay for indoor and investigative services.

It has all the major specialties providing health care services under one roof by providing medical and surgical care to the patients in Emergency, outpatient department, inpatient departments and Operation Theatre. Along with conventional radiology and lab facilities it also has facilities of Thallium Scanning, Echo Cardiograph, and ETT. On the Clinical side it is equipped with a well-equipped ICU, CCU and Neonatal ICU and also has specialized surgical facilities like Laparoscopic surgery. The Hospital is also recognized for House Job by PMDC in various specialties including Medicine, Surgery, Cardiology, Orthopedics, Gynae & Obs., Dermatology, ENT and Pediatrics. Capital Hospital is also running the “Capital Ambulance, Rescue and Emergency Services- CDA CARES”, to cater to the needs of Islamabad.
Environment with in the hospital is smell and dirt free and out side is smoking free, which is appreciated both by local residents and foreigners. That is why twice the US Embassy chooses this hospital for official visit of the US Presidents in the year 2003 and 2006. Surgery is proclaimed to be germ free, which makes postoperative care easier for the patients and their relatives.
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Capital Hospital, G 6/2, Near Melody, Islamabad
Phone# +9251-9221334-7
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