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CDA. Budget Fiscal Year 2015-16

Capital Development Authority (CDA) Board has approved Rs.37,695.87 million estimated Budget of CDA for the Financial Year 2015-16 in its meeting held here at CDA Headquarters on Monday. The Board meeting was chaired by Chairman CDA, Mr. Maroof Afzal.

Member Finance, Arbab Sher Bahadur, Member Administration and Estate, Amir Ali Ahmed, Member Environment, Syed Mustafain Kazmi, Member Planning and Design, Waseem Ahmad Khan and Member Engineering, Shahid Sohail were also present in the  meeting.

The total outlay of spending is estimated at Rs. 37,695.87 million for the Financial Year 2015-16, which is 18 percent less than the current Financial Year i.e. 2014-15. Development budget is estimated at Rs.21,091.27 million, which is 56 percent of the total budget while non-development expenditure is estimated at Rs.16,604.05 million, which is 44 percent of the total budget.

 The main receipts for the budget 2015-16 include Rs. 35.07 billion from the CDA sources and Rs. 2.062 billion of Federal Government grant. CDA sources include Rs 20.66 billion from self financing accounts and Rs 14.407 billion from revenue accounts.

On this occasion the Chairman CDA said that this budget is development oriented and development momentum initiated during the on going fiscal year would continue. He said that focus has also been given to acquisition of land and Rs.1,200.00 (M) has been proposed for ‘Land Acquisition / Effectees payment, development of new sectors to provide opportunities for new housing facilities to the people and to improve road infrastructure of Islamabad. He also said that in addition to major development projects special attention has also been given to the repair and maintenance of existing infrastructure, play grounds, parks, sewerage system and water supply lines.   

Major development priority projects to be carried out during the current financial year i.e. 2015-16 through self financing acoount have been proposed for Rs. 10,162.70 million such as Rs. 5,000.00 million for improvement of Islamabad Express way from Zero Point to Rawat, Rs. 500.00 million for construction of Margalla Roads (Phase-II), Rs.700.00 million for Development of Park Enclave, Rs.500.00 million for up-gradation of 7th Avenue,  Rs. 300. 00 million for the development of sector I-15, while Rs. 300.00 million each would be spent on the development of sector D-12 and construction of road infrastructure in sector E-12. Similarly, two under passes on Faisal Avenue in Sector G-7/G-8 and Sector F-7/F-8 would also be constructed at Rs. 260.00 million and Rs. 150.00 million has been allocated for construction of state of the art slaughter house in the Federal Capital. Moreover, CDA for its fiscal year 2015-16 allocated Rs. 500.00 million for the development sector I-12 while Rs. 200.00 million have been allocated for the development of Markaz D-12.

During the financial year 2015-16 Rs. 100. 00 million have been allocated for the construction of service roads, vehicular roads and Railway crossing bridges at University road in I-12, Rs. 100.00 million has been set aside for construction of roads in E-12/2 while Rs. 100 million have also been allocated for the construction of multi level car parking plaza at F-10 markaz. Furthermore, Rs. 150.00 million has been allocated for up-gradation of existing blocks and construction of additional  block in Capital Hospital.

The Chairman CDA said that we are aware of the repair and maintenance of developed sectors and want to provide maximum facilities to the people so an amount of Rs.50.00 million has been allocated for development / up-gradation work in developed sectors of Islamabad in addition to the development work being carried out as a special package for which tender has already been floated.

While acknowledging the need for development and opening of new sectors he said that Rs.400.00 million has been allocated for development of three new Sectors C-13, C-14 and C-15.

The Chairman CDA said that Rs.200.00 million have been allocated for the development of Kuri model village and Rs.60.00 million has been allocated for establishment of public facilitation center. 

Major sources of receipts from government side are Public Sector Development Projects (PSDP), which stands at Rs.1944.85 million allocated for six projects. 

While announcing the CDA budget for the fiscal year 2015-16, Chairman CDA, Mr. Maroof Afzal said that CDA would ensure financial discipline and non-development expenditure would be discouraged for maximum saving. He said that CDA is heading towards financial stability and good governance. He said that all development projects would be completed timely with quality during the fiscal year 2015-16. While utilizing the budget for the year 2015-16, the authority would ensure transparency, the Chairman CDA added. He further said that this budget is all inclusive starting from provision of civic amenities to the people to development of new sectors and also include minor to major development projects. It is all encompassing from up-gradation, repair work of existing infrastructure to construction of new mega projects like flyovers and underpasses. Some new initiatives have also been taken e.g. construction of parking plazas. The main focus has been made on opening of stalled sectors and new sectors to overcome the housing shortages.