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May 23, 2022 CDA-3(1)(1)Pers/95/Sec-II/948 Draft seniority list of Admin Officer (BS-16) Executive cadre, CDA
May 18, 2022 CDA-8(14)Pers/97/Sec-I/899 Draft seniority list of Director (BS_19) Environment Cadre
May 17, 2022 CDA/DHS-14(2)(2)/2022/679 Temporary Attachment of CDA / MCI Employees for SNID Polio eradication Campaign from 23 to 29 May, 2022
Apr 28, 2022 CDA-8(3)HRD/Sec-IV/2022/366 Seniority list of CDA Employees for Allotment of Plots
Apr 23, 2022 CDA-8(12)-HRD/Sec-III/2022/346 Draft seniority list of Sub-Engineer Civil-BPS-16
Apr 23, 2022 Computerized Hajj Balloting for CDA Muslim Employees (Male & Female)
Apr 12, 2022 CDA-D(Admin)/PA/(1)/2022/532 Circular-Revised Office Timings
Apr 05, 2022 CDA-8(14)Pers/97/Sec-I/538 Draft Seniority list of Deputy Director (Civil) BS_18 Engineering Cadre
Apr 02, 2022 MCI/DMA/Admin-2(1)2022/175 Final Seniority List of Bazaar Security Guards (BPS-07), DMA
Mar 18, 2022 No.CDA-D(A)/PA(1)/2022/357 Notification - Presence of Essential Staff of CDA on the occasion of OIC Conference and Pakistan Day Parade from 21st to 24th March 2022
Mar 14, 2022 CDA-(4)(1)(221)HRD/2021/Sec-II/419 Eight (08)weeks Managerial training course for Sr. Assistants to Admin Officers (BS-16) of Capital Development Authority
Mar 10, 2022 CDA-8(14)-Pers/84/Sec-I/398 Draft Seniority list of Medical Officer (BS-19) Medical & Health Cadre
Mar 10, 2022 MCI/DMA/ADMIN-2(1)/2022/134 Draft seniority list of Bazaar security guard (bps-07) DMA
Mar 02, 2022 No.CDA-8(9)-HRD/MCA/Sec-V/2021/2022/183 Grant of Motorcar / Motorcycle Advance to CDA Employees (Non-Gazetted BPS-16 & Below) for the Financial Year 2021-2022 (Phase-I.
Mar 02, 2022 No.CDA-8(9)-HRD/MCA/Sec-V/2021/2022/182 Grant of Motorcar / Motorcycle Advance to CDA Employees (Gazetted BPS-16 & Above) for the Financial Year 2021/2022 (Phase-I).
Mar 02, 2022 No.CDA-DA(1378*)(GWL)/2021/301 Draft General Waiting List (GWL) (Category-G).
Feb 09, 2022 CDA-8(9)-HRD/HBA/Sec-V/2021-2022/95 Grant of House Building Advance To CDA Employees (Non-Gazzetted BPS-16 & Below) For The Financial Year 2021-2022 (Phase-I)
Feb 09, 2022 CDA-8(9)-HRD/HBA/Sec-V/2021-2022/94 Grant of House Building Advance To CDA Employees (Gazzetted BPS-16 & Above) For The Financial Year 2021-2022 (Phase-I)
Jan 13, 2022 CDA-8(1)HRD/Sec-IV/2022/86 Draft Seniority List of Jr. Assistants, Enquiry Clerks, Cement Clerks, Store Clerks & General Clerks.
Jan 13, 2022 CDA-8(12)-HRD/Sec-III/2022/23 Draft Seniority List of Sub-Engineer (E&M) (BPS-16).