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Feb 17, 2021 CDA/IT/170/2017/134 CIRCULAR-IT-SOPs (Information Technology- Standard Operating Procedures) for Efficient hand-Holding & smooth Operations regarding EOR (E-Office Replication) at CDA
Feb 12, 2021 CDA-8(1)-HRD/Sec-IV/2021/117 Draft Seniority List Of JR. Assistants, Enquiry Clerks, Cement Clerks, Store Clerks & General Clerks
Feb 11, 2021 CDA-1(2)-HRD/90/Sec-II/361 Draft Seniority List Of Assistant Director BS-17 Environment
Feb 10, 2021 CDA-8(14)-Pers/84/Sec-I/346 Final Seniorty list of Associate Physician (BS_18) Medical & Health Cadre
Feb 10, 2021 Final Show cause notice to Mr Tanveer Akhter s/o M sarwar, Environment Directorate
Feb 03, 2021 CDA-DA(1378*)(GWL)/2021/74 Draft General waiting List (GWL) of Employees for Government Accommodation
Jan 12, 2021 CDA/Dir/(west)Envt/2020/30 Final Show cause notice to Mr Mohsin Ali s/o M Akram
Jan 01, 2021 DUTY RESUMPTION NOTICE- Mr. Saeed Ahmed S/o Shah Muhammad, Fireman (BPS-07), E&DM Dte CDA/MCI
Dec 24, 2020 Walk in Interview / Test
Dec 23, 2020 CDA/DHS-14(2)(2)/2020/1583 Temporary Attachment of CDA/MCI Employees for TCV Catch-up Campaign Feburary 2021
Dec 23, 2020 CDA/DHS-14(2)(2)/2020/1582 Temporary Attachment of CDA/MCI Employees for Polio duty of NID Polio Eradication campaign 11th to 15th January, 2021
Dec 21, 2020 FINAL NOTICE-Mr. Muhammad Sarwar S/O Allah Rakha, Security Guard, Maintenance Division-II, Maintenance Directorate
Dec 12, 2020 Show Cause Notice to Mr. Ajmal Maqsood s/o Muhammad Maqsood, OGM, Environment Dte
Dec 07, 2020 CDA-3(1)(1)-Pers/88/Sec-I/1405 Posting/ Transfer of Officers
Dec 07, 2020 CDA-3(2)(3)-Pers/86/Sec-II/1402 Corrigendum- Posting / Transfer of Officers
Dec 02, 2020 CDA-3(2)(3)Pers/86/Sec-II/1389 Posting/ Transfer of Officers
Nov 25, 2020 CDA-D(Admin)/PA(1)Covid-19/2020/771 Suspected cases of Covid-19 in CDA
Nov 03, 2020 CDA-8(12)HRD/Sec-III/2020/708 Up-gradation of Computer operator (Bps-14 to Bps-16)
Oct 14, 2020 CDA-8(12)HRD/Sec-III/2020/673 Promotion case of Sub-Assistants (BP_14) to the post of Senior Assistants (BS_16) Non-Gazzetted, Executive cadre