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Jan 13, 2022 CDA-8(1)HRD/Sec-IV/2022/86 Draft Seniority List of Jr. Assistants, Enquiry Clerks, Cement Clerks, Store Clerks & General Clerks.
Jan 13, 2022 CDA-8(12)-HRD/Sec-III/2022/23 Draft Seniority List of Sub-Engineer (E&M) (BPS-16).
Dec 24, 2021 CDA-8(37)-Pers/83/Sec-I/2881 Draft Seniority list of Deputy Directors (Bps-18), Executive Cadre
Dec 10, 2021 CDA/ DHS-14(2)((2)/2021/1373 Temporary Attachment of CDA / MCI Employees for NID Polio eradication & Vitamin-A Campaign from 13 to 19 December, 2021
Dec 09, 2021 CDA-8(37)-pers/83/Sec-I/2743 Final seniority list of Director (Bs-19), Executive Cadre
Nov 25, 2021 CDA-5(8)HRD-I/2021/2733 Use of Influence for Posting/ Transfer & Other Service Matters
Nov 22, 2021 CDA-8(1)HRD/Sec-IV/2021/765 CIRCULAR-Implementation of Judgement Dated 17-8-2021 Passed by The supreme court of Pakistan in civil appeal No. 491/2012 & Others
Nov 18, 2021 CDA-8(14)-Pers/84/Sec-I/2630 Draft Seniority List of Surgeon (ENT) / Surgeon (Cochlear Implant) BS-19, Medical & Health Cadre
Nov 18, 2021 CDA-4(2)(36)-HRD/2006/Sec-II/2633 Final Seniority List of Junior Teacher (BS_16) CDA Model School
Nov 15, 2021 NiL Final General Waiting List (GWL) of employees for government accommodation (Category A, B & C)
Nov 10, 2021 CDA-DA(1378)(GWL)/2021/2209 Final General Waiting List (GWL) of employees for government accommodation (Category D, E & F)
Oct 28, 2021 CDA-8(37)-Pers/83/Sec-I/2528 Draft seniority list of Deputy Director (Security) BS-18, Security Cadre
Oct 27, 2021 CDA-8(37)-Pers/83/Sec-I/2517 Draft seniority list of Director (BS-19), Executive Cadre
Oct 27, 2021 CDA-8(5)HRD/Sec-V/2021/706 Circular - Extension in Period - Grant of Motor Car/Motor cycle/ Bicycle Advance
Oct 26, 2021 CDA-3(1)(1)-Pers/88/Sec-I/2513 Temporary Attachment of CDA / MCI Employees for Measles Rubella (MR) catch up Campaign from 15 to 27 November, 2021
Oct 07, 2021 CDA-8(5)HRD/Sec-V/2021/659 CIRCULR - Grant of Motor Car/ Motor Cycle/ Bicycle Advance
Sep 30, 2021 CDA-(1) HRD-I/2021/1842 (CIRCULAR) - Rectification of Annual Confidential Reports (ACRS) / performance Evaluation Report (PERS)
Sep 22, 2021 CDA-DA(1378*)(GWL)/2021/740 Final General waiting list (GWL) of employees for Government Accommodation (category A, B & C)
Sep 20, 2021 CDA-5(8)HRD-I/2021/1760 Declaration of Annual return of Assets & Liabilities
Sep 07, 2021 CDA-1(2)-HRD/90/Sec-II/2233 Draft Seniority list of Assistant Dental Surgeon (BS-17) Capital Hospital, CDA