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CDA Training Academy (CTA)
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The primary objective of the CDA Training Academy (CTA) is to plan and promote full use of resources to assist its employee's growth through training and education. The focus is to provide Educational opportunities that maximize workforce performance, career development and self-enrichment, based upon the Authority interest.


The vision of the Academy is to focus on providing quality training to CDA employees and to improve professional performance standards through high quality meaningful training, based on specific objectives, job related, and from appropriate professional sources.


To create and maintain a solid foundation of knowledge, skills and confidence to CDA employees by providing quality training and development opportunities for professionals.

Chairman Message:

It is a matter of great joy for me to see the vigorous revival of CDA Training Academy with effect from 1st June, 2014. I am pleasantly surprised to see a rapid progress shown by the management of the academy, within span of time. I hope this positive initiative will contribute in renewing the knowledge and culture of Capital Development Authority. I wish best of luck to CDA Training Academy for its future initiatives.

Executive Director General Message:

It was a big challenge to revive and efficiently run CDA Training Academy after a long period of 25 years. This huge responsibility was taken as a mission and with excellent team work completed 03 Training Courses & 4 Lectures in first 45 days. I appreciate the sincere efforts of the Chairman, CDA, Member (Administration), and Management of CDA for extending full support to CDA Training Academy. Our vision is to enable all CDA officers to face all sorts of challenges on each forum.

Future Plans:

Degree/Diploma Programme with the co-ordination of various universities

    Degree Program:

    MBA (Management)

    MBA (Project Management Management)

Successfully Completed Lecture:
SNo. Lecture Title Period
1. Environment Impact Assessment by Mr. Asif Shuja 18th Jun, 2014
2. Identity of Civil Servant by Mr. Kamran Lashari 26th, 2014
3. Finance Management by Mr. Kamran Qureshi 30th Jun, 2014
4. How to face challenge of Energy Crises Governess by Fareedullah Khan 08 Jul, 2014

Successfully Completed Training Courses:

SNo. Course Title Period
1. Enhancement of Leadership Qualities 8th-12th Jun, 2014
2. Office Orientation & Capacity Building 18th-24th Jun, 2014
3. Improvement in Vertical & Horizontal Communication 1st-14th Jul, 2014
4. Report Writing Skills 8th-12th Sep, 2014
5. Ground & Surface Water Management  
6. Stress Management 13th-17 Oct, 2014
7. Conflict Management 27th-31st Oc, 2014
8. CPD Frame Work for Professional Development of Engineers 11th Nov, 2014
9. Office Orientation & Communication 17th-21th Nov, 2014
10. Global Warming and Environmental Hazard 15-19th Nov, 2014
  1st International Conference 30th-31st Dec, 2014
11. Project Management 12th-16th Jan, 2015
12. Personal Development 26th-30th Jan, 2015
13. Team Management 9th-13th Feb, 2015
14. Presentation Skills 23rd-27th Feb, 2015
15. Organization Development 13th-17th Mar, 2015
16. Organizational Behavior 13th-17th April, 2015
17. Capacity Building 11th-15th May, 2015
18. Talent Management 1st-6th Jun, 2015
19. Spoken English 15th-18 Jun, 2015
20. Rah-e-Nijaat 13th-17th Mar, 2015
21. Health and Fitness 25th to 27th August, 2015
22. Financial Management 7th to 11th Sept, 2015
23 Food, Safety & Hygine 16th to 18th Sept, 2015
24 Clean Environment & Safe Food 19th to 21nd Oct, 2015
25. Buliding By Laws & Sasmec Effects 2nd to 5th Nov, 2015
26. Human Resources Management 1st to 3rd Dec, 2015

Proposed Courses for 2016:

1. Chain Management
2. Team Management
3. Office Procedures
4. Team Development Programs
5. Risk Management
6. Safety & Security
7. Modern City Planning
8. Traffic Management
9. Inventory Management
10. Strategic Management
11. Computer Skills
12. Engineering Software
13. Office Rules
14. Advance Excel
15. Labor & Workplace Laws Diploma
16. Public Relations

Contact Us:

3rd Floor, Pak China Center, Islamabad

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