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Anti Encroachment Operation in the city.

Islamabad: October 13, 2020: Capital Development Authority (CDA) is vigorously taking actions against encroachments and illegal constructions in the city. In this connection, operations are being conducted all over the city and encroachments on the state land are being demolished. During last four days, Enforcement Directorate of the Authority carried out anti encroachment operations in areas including Barri Imam, Islamabad Express Highway, Orchard Scheme, Sector F-6, F-7, G-9, G-8, G-7, G-11, I-8, I-9, Margalla Town, Khan Pul, Park Road, Jabba Teli and other areas and demolished several illegal constructions from the state land. The operations were conducted by Enforcement Directorate while participated by Islamabad Administration, Islamabad Police and other concerned departments.

Teams of Enforcement Directorate on demarcation carried out by Environment Wing, carried out an operation in Orchard Scheme and demolished several animal sheds constructed on a of Orchard Scheme and retrieved possession of the plot from illegal occupants. Similarly, Enforcement Directorate removed several fruits, vegetable and other stalls from sector F-6/1 and Sector G-9. Another operation was conducted in sector F-7 during which illegally constructed roof of a plaza was demolished while fences erected in front of houses in Sector G-11 were also dismantled during another operation. Teams of Enforcement Directorate also removed several obstacles / encroachments from the parking areas in Sector E-11 and also confiscated encroachment material which was shifted to CDA Store. Similarly, an illegally constructed boundary wall in Margalla Town was also demolished while road side encroachments from Khanapul area and Park road were also removed in other anti-encroachment activities. Similarly, encroachments from sector G-7 and G-8 particularly from the surroundings of PIMS hospital were also removed and encroachment material was also confiscated from the areas.

Teams of Enforcement Directorate while taking action in Jabba Teli demolished 09 illegally constructed rooms, 04 washrooms, 01 boundary wall and a huge hall constructed illegally on state land. Similarly, illegally constructed rooms on the land allotted for King Hamad University were also demolished during another anti-encroachment operation. Enforcement Directorate while taking action in sector I-8 and I-9 demolished 02 kiosks, 02 sheds and fruit stalls from the areas.