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Improvement in services

Islamabad: October 9, 2020 Islamabad: October 9, 2020 Sanitation, environment, street lights, roads and market maintenance services have been revitalized in Islamabad. These municipal services have got revitalized after shifting of four wings of MCI to CDA recently by Federal Government. CDA Administration is monitoring progress of works by these formations constantly on hour to hour basis. All the officers related to these formations have been directed to remain in field and submit progress report constantly.

In this connection, road carpeting work is being carried out at fast on different roads in different parts of the city. MPO Directorate in line with the direction of CDA management is continuously carrying out repair and improvement work of Islamabad highway eastern side. This will be followed by the repair and improvement work on western side of the Islamabad Expressway.

Sanitation Services in the city has also seen improvement. In this connection, dumps in the forest area, green areas, and open space are being removed on emergent basis. Staff of Sanitation Directorate has been deputed in the major markets including markets of sector, F-6, F-7, G-7, F-10 and other sectors so that cleanliness round the clock may be ensured. Deputing staff in the evening shifts has considerably improved the cleanliness situation in markets of Islamabad. Furthermore, lifting of garbage skips is being ensured on daily basis.

Similarly on Friday Environment Wing continued work on removal of wild bushes and wrank vegetation from all over the city. In this context, especially constituted teams are removing wild growth from all different parts of the city including Margalla Road, 7th Avenue, 10th Avenue, Kashmir Highway, Hiking Trails, Srinagar Highway, 11th Avenue, Constitution Avenue, School Road, Zero point, F-10 areas, Peshawar Morrr, Mauve Area, G-9, F-9 Park, F-8/1 and other areas of the city.  

Similarly, Directorate of Markets and Road Maintenance has started carrying out lane marking  work on different roads. In addition to this curb stones fixed along different roads are also being painted while pot holes are also being filled, patch work in the markets and roads in different areas of the city is also in progress. Street Lights Division also is busy with repairing and maintenance of street lights across the city.