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CDA has opened bids for expansion and improvement of Kurang Road, Margalla Town Phase-I & II

Islamabad; September 15, 2020: Capital Development Authority (CDA) has opened bids for expansion and improvement of Kurang Road, Margalla Town Phase-I & II. The bidding process was participated by 11 firms. NIT of the project was Rs.80.04 M.  Due to healthy competition and transparency in the process lowest bid amounting to Rs. 48.04 M which is 39% below the estimated cost.  

2.6 kilometer long Kurang Road between Margalla Town phase-I & II will be improved and expanded under this project. Concerned formation has been directed to complete the all codal formalities so that work on the project can be initiated at earliest.

Kurang Road was in dilapidated condition since last many years due to which residents of the Margalla Town and other commuters had to face the difficulties. In order to resolve this longstanding issue of the locality, CDA management after completing codal formalities prepared a project which was approved by CDA-DWP earlier this year. Under this project, in addition to widening and improvement of the road,  electrical, mechanical and soft landscaping on the Kurang Road will be carried out. Moreover, three culverts will also be constructed on this road. Instructions have been issued that the project be completed within 06 months.