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CDA's Building Control generated Rs.119.775 during the month of April, 2020

Islamabad: May 18, 2020; Building Control Directorate of Capital Development Authority (CDA) has collected revenue amounting to Rs.119.775 millions in the month of April, 2020. The revenue has been collected on account of approvals of building plans, issuance of completion certificates,  NOCs, commercial charges and other heads including fines on account of non-conforming use.

During the month of April-2020 Section-I of the Building Control Directorate approved nine building plans, nine completion certificates and also disposed of 14 cases including NOCs, Commercialization charges and others. The revenue amounting to Rs. 1.64 million.  

During the month of April-2020 section-II of building control Directorate earned revenue Rs. 48.810 million on account of issuance of NOCs, Completion Certificates, approval of building plans, commercialization charges and others.

Similarly, section-III of Building Control Directorate Section-III of Building Control Directorate has generated revenue Rs.54.479 million on account of issuance of completion certificates, NOCs, approvals of building plans.

CDA Administration has conveyed to all formations of the Authority to focus on service delivery and raising revenues. Service delivery and revenue generation efforts of all formations are being monitored on regular basis by CDA Administration. Improvement in both service delivery and revenue generation by different formations of the Authority is therefore getting pace.