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CDA's BCS-II has generated Rs.82 millions during last 02 months

Islamabad: November 28, 2019:   Capital Development Authority (CDA) has generated Rs. 82 millions on account of scrutiny fee for approvals and completion of building plans and completions of different buildings in the approved housing societies falling in the territorial limit of the Islamabad during the last two (02) months. Due to effective policies of the incumbent management, authority is not only attaining financial stability but gradually problems and issues of the residents are being addressed in addition to ensuring implementation of laws.

During the last two months, total 2665 cases regarding approval of building plans were received in the Authority out of which 1643 cases were approved, while remaining cases are under process or are in pending status due to non submission of pay orders, non fulfillment of codal formalities and violations of approved lay out plans. Similarly, 509 cases regarding completion of buildings were submitted in the Authority out of which 354 have been disposed of while rest are in process or are in pending status due to non fulfillment of codel formalities and violation of building bye-laws.

The exercise which was initiated for regulating construction activities in the housing societies falling in territorial limits of the capital city has started bearing its fruits as not only building control is being exercised in these societies but handsome revenue is also being generated in addition to addresal of problems of the people residing in these societies. In this connection, authority has activated its Building Control Directorate -II and strengthened it with required staffing so that early disposal of cases could be ensured.

It is pertinent to mention here that incumbent management of the authority has taken various initiatives aimed to ensure discipline in all spheres. Multipronged policies were introduced and initiatives were taken which are beneficial for the city coupled with a permanent source of revenue for the authority.