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Special Committee supervise the cleanliness process in the city

Islamabad :  August 5, 2019  A special committee comprising upon Director Building Control Section (BCS) of Capital Development Authority (CDA), Director Sanitation of Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) and representative of ICT Administration will supervise the cleanliness process in the city.

The committee has been directed to start work from Tuesday. The committee will supervise and ensure the cleanliness of the city in general and has been tasked particularly to restore the streams and nullahs flowing in the city into their natural shape. In this context, committee has been directed to take strict action against the elements who through garbage and other wastes in the streams and nullahs of the city. It has been directed to issue notices and impose fines to the elements who are polluting the streams and nullahs. The committee has been further tasked to keep the city clean during the Eid-ul-Adha and to make proper arrangements for collection and disposal of offal’s of sacrificial animals. It has been also directed to remove the garbage dumps from the green belts and forest area and take stern action against the people who dumped the garbage in these areas. Similarly, this committee will also coordinate with Environment Wing of the MCI for cutting of wild bushes and grass from the green belts along the avenues and other areas of the city.

The objective behind this initiative is to keep the city clean and green by ensuring effective coordination among the concerned departments.