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Anti Encroachment drive continues in various places of Islamabad

Islamabad: May 9, 2019: Capital Development Authority (CDA) and ICT Administration are conducting operations all over the city in connection with ongoing anti-encroachment drive. During this drive, besides demolishing new constructions, special attention is being paid that encroachments could not be cropped up in the areas where anti-encroachments had been conducted.

In this connection, Enforcements Directorate carried out operations at the right of way of Kashmir Highway sector G-12. This operation was taken against the construction activities carried out in the area which was recently cleared from illegal constructions. In this context, Anabia Marquee was demolished last year during an operation conducted by the Authority against the encroachment along the right of way of Kashmir Highway. Anabia Marquee has started constructions by erecting the columns and subsequently covered the front portion by raising three (03) walls. Similarly, boundary walls were also constructed by the Golden Horse Marquee which were also demolished on the spot. 

During another operation, four (04) small shops constructed illegally over footpath outside a plaza in sector F-10 were demolished.  Furthermore, one (01) boundary wall in Bari Imam, one (01) building material depot, one (01) chapper hotel and one (01) tyre shop in sector G-11 were also demolished.  

Moreover, closed cycling track along Margalla Avenue was also cleared by demolishing an illegally constructed pillar.