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Anti-encroachment operations at various locations of Islamabad

Islamabad : April 19, 2019  Capital Development Authority’s (CDA) is conducting anti-encroachment operation all over the city in connection with its ongoing anti-encroachment drive. During different operations teams of Enforcement Directorate demolished several illegal structures constructed illegally on the state land. Strict vigilance is being ensured so that new construction could not be carried out all over the city particularly in Katchi Abadies located in different areas of Islamabad.

During an operation, Enforcement Directorate demolished three (03) boundary walls in Musharf Colony  sector G-8/4, three (03) under construction rooms in Hansa Colony sector G-8/1 and eight (08) boundary walls, one (01) washroom and one (01) room in katchi abadi sector H-9.

CDA is also ensuring strict monitoring in different marakiz and business centers and is also conducting operations to remove encroachment from the vicinity. In this connection, an action was taken at Aabpara Market and several encroachments established on the footpaths, verandas and in front of shops and palazas were removed and confiscated 10 trucks encroachment material which was later on shifted to enforcement store. Similarly, large number of encroachment material was also confiscated during the operations conducted at Khadda Market and G-9 Markaz. These encroachments were not only creating hindrance in the pedestrian movement but were also affecting the business activities.

Moreover, teams of enforcement directorate also conducted operations along the Park Road and removed encroachment from the both sides of the road.

Furthermore, one (01) boundary wall and one (01) room constructed illegally in mohalla Awan in Saidpur Village was also demolished during the operation conducted on Friday.     

Similarly, Enforcement Directorate along with the Building Control section Directorate demolished five (05) rooms being constructed against the CDA Building Bye-laws at the top floor of Block No. B-10 at markaz G-10.