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Capital Development Authority (CDA) has notified a committee on relocation and resettlement of Kachi abadis

Islamabad: April 18, 2019 Capital Development Authority (CDA) has notified a committee on relocation and resettlement of Kachi abadis. The committee comprising upon Director Urban Planning, Director Regional Planning, Director Housing Societies and Director Architecture will function under the Member Planning and Design. 

The committee has been tasked to come up with a relocation plan under social housing criterion. Considerable ground work in this regard has already been done and proposals are under finalization process. Since retrieved area will be used for commercial purposes therefore the matter will be approved by the federal cabinet. The first proposal is likely to be completed within two (02) weeks.


Currently there are 10 recognized slums where people are living in deplorable conditions. There is no regulation and availability of services in these slums. F-6, F-7, G-7, G-8 etc have several slums. The PM office has issued a directive to CDA to come up with a proposal to this effect. Once the available plans are finalized and refined a summary for CDA board is expected within the coming week and subsequently the matter will be sent to cabinet for formal approval. Satellite image of all katchi abadies has already been secured through SUPARCO. So that boundaries are identities and scope of work is determined. The image is dated 25-3-2019. While formulating the proposals satellite imagery will be utilized as base line for this social housing. This initiative will be a step in the drive for social housing.