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Manuscripts of Holly Quran displayed at Faisal Mosque, Islamabad

Islamabad: April 13, 2018: Rare and unique manuscripts of Holly Quran have been displayed at Faisal Mosque for general public. These manuscripts of Holly Quran have been donated to Capital Development Authority (CDA) by Mr. Zahid Butt.

On Friday, Member Administration, CDA, Muhammad Yasir Pirzada visited the Faisal Mosque and sighted the manuscripts displayed at the mosque. He directed the management of Faisal Mosque to brief the people, visiting the mosque, about the details and history of these manuscripts. He further directed the management to also briefed the people that why these manuscripts have been prominently placed at Faisal Mosque.      

On this occasion, Member Administration, Muhammad Yasir Pirzada said that being Muslim it is matter of honour for us that Almighty Allah has given us an opportunity to place these unique, rare, historic and antique manuscripts of Holly Quran at the mosque. He said that many of these manuscripts are more than many centuries old. He said that 1.5 inch sized manuscript of Holly Quran is a unique gift which shows that how much Muslims adore the holly book Quran-e-Majeed. Member Administration, CDA further said that these handwritten copies of Holly Quran depict the outstanding calligraphic skills of Muslims. He thanked Mr. Zahid Butt, who have donated these manuscripts, for giving precious gift to CDA, as people not only from the twin cities but also from other parts of the country would get benefit from these manuscripts.    

The Member Administration, CDA said further that a considerable number of people also attend Mehfil-e-Shabina in last three days of Ramadan and a large number of people perform I-Tikaf at the mosque so that’s why millions of people will take benefit from these unique and rare copies of Quran-e-Majeed.

Member Administration, CDA, Muhammad Yasir Pirzada has directed the concerned formations to take special measures for the protection and security of these copies of Holy Quran. He directed further to ensure the sanctity of these copies of holy Quran.