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CDA has cancelled allotments of 68 illegally rented out Government Accommodations.

Islamabad: February 28, 2018:Capital Development Authority (CDA) has cancelled allotment of 68 Government Accommodations which were fully rented out in violations of rules. These accommodations were allotted to CDA employees of different scales in different sectors of Islamabad and the allottees were receiving rent by subletting these accommodations. On the directions of Honourable court CDA constituted a survey committee for collection of data / information in respect of those allottees who rented out fully / partially the Government owned accommodations on CDA pool.

In this connection, after detailed survey this committee pointed out 165 such residences which were fully / partially rented out or subletted. In the first phase the allotment of 68 accommodations which were fully rented out has been cancelled. Administration Directorate of the Authority, after approval of Member Administration CDA, Muhammad Yasir Pirzada has issued formal orders regarding cancellation of allotment of these government residences. These allotments have been cancelled on sheer violation of Rule 16, Chapter IX-AAR-2002. According to this rule, the government accommodation could not be sublet by the allottee, if an allottee found guilty of subletting his accommodation the allotment shall be cancelled from the date of taking over possession of the house and he shall be charged monthly rent at the rate of one rental ceiling which is entitlement for the entire period. The rule further said that if an allottee or illegal tenant is a federal government servant he shall be liable to disciplinary action for misconduct under the relevant rules or laws and such allottee shall be disqualified for future allotment of accommodation for five year. On becoming eligible for Government accommodation his name shall be placed at the bottom of the general waiting list on that date, provided be applies.

According to the orders issued by the Authority, allotments of 05 residences of sector F-6/2, 10 of Sector G-10/3, 20 of Sector G-9/2, 01 of Sector G-8/1, 02 of Sector G-7/1, 06 of Sector G-7/3-1, 11 of Sector G-7/2, 02 of Sector G-6/1-2, 02 of Sector G-6/1-3, 05 of Sector G-6/2 and 04 government accommodations of Sector G-6/4 which were illegally rented out have been cancelled. Similarly, 97 allottees of the government accommodations have been served show cause notices who have partially sublet / rented out their allotted accommodations. On unsatisfactory replies, allotments of these accommodations would be also cancelled.

Allottees of the above said accommodations have been directed to vacate the said accommodations within 15 days failing which Authority will get the premises vacated by force under the rules.