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FIR against delinquent ex.officers and ofifcials of CDA

Islamabad: September 26, 2017: Capital Development Authority (CDA) has issued orders for lodging FIRs and stoppage of pensions of its 16 ex. officers and officials. The orders for stoppage of pension and lodging of FIRs have been issued against officers / officials failing to vacate government accommodations despite lapse of grace period after retirement and not honouring commitment as per submitted affidavit. Two separate office orders have been issued to this effect by Administration Directorate of Capital Development Authority.  

Member Administration, CDA, Muhammad Yasir Peerzada said that CDA Board recently approved new merit and transparency based housing policy for allotment of official accommodation to CDA Employees. The present administration will ensure implementation of recently approved Housing Policy in the best interest of the Employees of the Authority.

The Authority issued NOC for pension purpose and allowed retention period of government accommodation on their given declaration on oath. These 16 ex. officers and employees were required to vacate the said government accommodation after expiry of retention period, as per their commitment.

These 16 officers and officials including Muhammad Fayyaz, Ex. Daftry Structure Directorate, Rafaqat Hussain Ex. Sub Engineer, City Sewerage Division, Muhammad Miskeen Ex. Kitchen Mechanic E&DM Division, Gul Kabir Ex.Cleaner DMA, Abbas Masih Ex.Khakroob Maint-III, Riaz Ahmed MPO, Mst Nasreen kausar, Ex.F/Cleaner Sanitation Directorate, Muhammad Ishraq Ex. Lift Operator Mech Division, Boota Masih Ex.Cleaner Sanitation, Saeed Akhtar, Yousaf Masih Ex. Khakroob Maintenance Div-III, Sabaz Ali Ex. Daftary BCS, Mst. Munawar Sultana Ex. Aya Capital Hospital, Qamar Masood Ex Sub-Assistant MPO, Qari Aziz-ur-Rehman Ex-Imam / Moazzin Parliament House and Zia-ur-Rehman Toor Ex. D.D.G (Finance).

The aforesaid 16 ex. officers and officials did not own their given commitment on affidavit and did not vacate the said premises within stipulated time period.

Consequently two separate office orders have been issued for lodging FIRs against the officers / officials and stoppage their pensions.