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Progress review meeting regarding Cares 1122

Islamabad: July 26, 2017: CARES 1122 of Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) received 123 calls of different emergency nature during the second week of July, 2017. All calls were responded promptly and after providing first aid the victims of different incidents were shifted to nearest most medical facility.

Prompt emergency services save precious lives. CARES Service of MCI is efficient enough to tackle any emergency situation in the capital. For the first time Cares emergency service is being expanded to rural areas as well. At different selected locations with rush of people, cares offices have been established. Mayor of Islamabad and Chairman, CDA, Sheikh Anser Aziz expressed these views during a meeting held at CDA headquarters to review performance of CARES. Senior officer of MCI attended the meeting.

Mayor of Islamabad and Chairman CDA Sheikh Anser Aziz was informed that most of the calls received during the second week of July, 2017 were related to Road Traffic Accidents which were 47 in number. These calls were received from the areas of Chak Shahzad Signal, Koral Chowk, Service Road I-10/1, Near Khanna Pull, Dhok Kala Khan Highway, near T. Chowk, Kuri Road Highway, Double Road Signal, Near Tarnol Phatak, G-9 Markaz Marriage Hall, Chudhri Petrol Pump Tarnol, near Q.A Potrait Highway, near T. Chowk, Tarnol Phattak, Double Road Signal, Double Road and others.  

The meeting was further told that 26 calls regarding unconscious patients were also received during the said period from different areas of the city. These calls were received from the areas including G-11/1, G-7/3-4, G-9/1, Pak China Friendship Centre, opposite Rawal Hospital Khanna, I-10, Kohsar Market F-6, Madina Parking Near Athal Showk, Shell Pump I-10, opposite Rawal Hospital near Khanna, F-7/3, F-8 Metro Station F-8 Metropolitan. The patients were shifted to PIMS, CDA Hospital, Poly Clinic and other nearby medical facilities.

The Mayor of Islamabad was also told that calls regarding patients suffering from chest pain, heart problems, abdominal pain and other were also received during the said period. Moreover, CDA Cares 1122 also made special deployment of its vehicles at 15 different locations including Lakeview Park, Supreme Court, Sarena Hotel, H-11 Academy, 26 number stop, Sports Complex and other areas on request of different departments to cope with any emergency situation.

Furthermore, different calls regarding heart emergency, breathing problems, kidney pains, electric shocks and other were also received during the above said period.