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Posting Transfer of Officers in CDA

Islamabad: July 26, 2017. Capital Development Authority (CDA) has issued orders for posting / transfer of 06 officers of different cadres. Two (02) of BPS-19, three (03) of BPS-18, and one (01) of BPS-17 have been transferred through subject office orders. Transferred officers have been directed to submit their charge assumption / relinquishment report to HRD Directorate accordingly.  Human Resource Development Directorate of Capital Development Authority has issued subject orders after approval from Chairman, CDA.

Among BPS-19 transferred officer are Mrs. Najma Azhar, DDG on her return from Senior Management Course (SMC) posted as Deputy Director General (DDG) Law and Abbass Ahmed Mir, Director on his return from SMC posted as Director Revenue.

Among BPS-18 transferred officers are Kamran Bakht, Deputy Director awaiting for posting posted as Deputy Director (Admin) Parliament Lodges and Hostels Directorate, Syed Ather Ali, Private Secretary (P.S) has been transferred from P.S to Member Engineering to P.S to Environment Wing and Muhammad Tufail, Private Secretary from Environment Wing to Member Engineering as well.

Similarly, among BPS-17 officer Usman Rasheed, Assistant Director Water Supply has been transferred as Deputy Director, BCS-II on look after charge basis and he will draw the salary against the post of Deputy Director-I, BCS-I.

Meanwhile, an office order issued on 25.07.2017, the Authorized Officer Member (Administration), CDA Muhammad Yasir Peerzada reinstated Noor Akhmat, Senior Assistant, EM-II Directorate, CDA in service with immediate effect but his suspension period will be decided later on.

Furthermore, as per another office order dated 24.07.2017, the Member (Estate), CDA being Authorized Officer in the case, after having considered all aspects of the case has imposed the minor penalty of “Stoppage of 02-increments for a period of 02 years” upon Khizar Hayat, Dealing Senior Assistant, Estate Management-I (now works Directorate-I), CDA under Regulation 8.04(1)(a)(ii) of CDA Employees Service Regulation, 1992 with immediate effect as well as with the right of appeal as admissible under said Regulation clause 20.01.