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Fact Finding Inquiry regarding theft of water from main supply line of Simly Dam

Islamabad: March 22, 2017: Capital Development Authority has decided to probe the matter of theft of water from the main supply line of Simly Dam. In this connection Inquiry Officer has been appointed who will conduct Fact Finding Inquiry of the matter.

In a letter issued by the Human Resource Development Directorate of the Authority Mr. Muhammad Adnan Younis, Deputy Director of Simly Dam Division has been appointed as Inquiry Officer of the matter. The Inquiry Officer has been directed to conduct detailed physical inspection of the main supply line and will point out the names of responsible officer / officials who are directly or indirectly involved in the theft of water. The Fact Finding Inquiry was directed also to identify the irregularities or allegations committed by the officials and officers in addition to the fixing in the extent of responsibility. The Inquiry Officer will also submit its clear and concrete recommendations to the Authority so that issue of water theft from the main water supply line from Simly Dam could be resolved once for all.

It is pertinent to mention here that the incumbent management of the CDA has listed adequate water supply to the residents of the city among its top priorities. Several initiatives in this regard has also been taken including repair of main water supply line. Repair and maintenance work on 40 kilometer long water supply line is also being carried out where leakages are being fixed and illegal connections are being removed from the main supply line. However, in order to resolve this issue once for all, Authority has decided to take strict action against the responsible so that administrative measures could be taken in addition to the corrective steps. While considering the importance of issue the Inquiry Officer has been directed to submit its report within 15 days.