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Print and electronic media to cross verify Housing schemes adds from CDA

Islamabad: March 15, 2017: Mayor of Islamabad and Chairman, CDA Sheikh Anser Aziz, has appealed to print and electronic media to cross verify from CDA the contents of advertisements regarding Housing Schemes and Apartment Buildings before their release. Cross verification of contents of advertisements is necessary to ascertain the legality and legitimacy of the advertised Housing Society or Apartment Project.

Mayor of Islamabad and Chairman, CDA Sheikh Anser Aziz has said that as per CDA Ordinance, 1960 and Islamabad Residential Sectors Zoning (Building Control) Regulations, 2005, no building can be constructed in ICT limits without approval of CDA. However, it has been observed that illegal construction within the ICT limits is taking place without approval of CDA. This haphazard construction is in contravention to the above stated regulations. Moreover, sale / purchase of land is also being made through registered deeds without the requisite approval of CDA. CDA has also repeatedly informed general public through print media to restrain from this illegal practice.

Mayor of Islamabad and Chairman, CDA Sheikh Anser Aziz further said that illegal Apartment Projects, in Sector H-13, Zone-1, Islamabad, are being advertised in the National Dailies and marketing is being made for sale of Apartments. Most recent advertisement has appeared in the media. As per Master Plan of Islamabad, Sector H-13 is located along 1,200 Feet wide Kashmir Highway. Northern Half (about 2,700 Feet) has been earmarked / designated as Green Area / Buffer Zone and Southern Half as Special Buildings and Institutions. This Sector has not yet been acquired by CDA. He further said that As per provisions of Caluse-4(1)(A) of ICT (Zoning) Regulation, 1992, the Development of Land in Un-acquired Sectoral Areas of Zone-1, shall be subject to the conditions (i) land shall be acquired under a phased programme and developed by the Authority in accordance with the land use pattern spelled out in the Master Plan. (ii) no sale / purchase of land which entails change in land use shall be allowed (iii) no construction of houses or buildings shall be allowed. However, repair of old houses and expansion of existing houses may be allowed by the Authority to the native residents subject to the conditions that the site is located within the main body of the village. The covered area of such construction shall not exceed 1000 square feet including expansion and such permission shall not in any way impede the right of the Authority to acquired the property whenever needed; and (iv) no private scheme of any kind whatsoever shall be allowed, except in Sector E-11. Schemes in E-11 will be regulated according to the provisions applicable to scheme in Zone-2. In the light of above, all Apartment Projects / Land Sub—divisions / Housing Schemes and Construction of Houses / buildings, in violation of the provisions ICT (Zoning) Regulations, 1992 are illegal.