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Operation against illegal barber stalls across the city

Islamabad: January 5, 2017. Directorate of Enforcement, Capital Development Authority (CDA) remained in action on Thursday in Islamabad. In an action against encroachments on Park Road, Directorate of Enforcement removed various stalls along the roads. Follow up action to thwart recurrence of encroachments enforcement Directorates teams kept on monitoring after the operation. The removed stalls posed serious threat to follow of traffic on the road. The removed encroachments earlier had caused many road accidents as well. Mayor Islamabad of Chairman, CDA, Sheikh Anser Aziz had directed to conduct the said operation.

Directorate of Encroachment, CDA had a busy day in its operation against illegal barber stalls across the city. Enforcement Directorate removed 30 illegal Barber Stalls in sectors G-7, G-6, F-7, F-6, I-8, I-9 and I-10. The stalls were subsequently confiscated by enforcement teams. The operations were conducted against barber stalls to prevent diseases in the city. Mayor Islamabad and Chairman CDA, Shiekh Anser Aziz had ordered to conduct operations against illegal barber shops in Islamabad.

Enforcement Teams remained active in operations against encroachments in sectors G-11 and G-10. In Sector G-11 Temporary Restaurants, Kiosks and Shuttering material outlets were targeted.  Mayor Islamabad and Chairman CDA, Shiekh Anser Aziz had directed operation against encroachments in the areas.