TRICERATOPS, meaning “Three Horned Face”
PERIOD: Late Cretaceous Period, 68-65 Million Years Ago
DIET:Herbivorous - Plant Eate
SIZE:It is believed that fully grown Triceratops were about 8m (26ft) in length, 3m (10ft) in height and weighed anywhere between 6 to 12 tons.

  • The skull of a Triceratops alone could grow over 2m (7ft) in length.
  • The first known fossils to be that of a Triceratops were horns attached to a partial skull, found near Denver, Colorado in 1887.
  • Triceratops species possessed a sturdy build, with strong limbs, short hands with three hooves each.
  • When threatened by predators, Triceratops probably charged into its enemy like the modern-day rhinoceros does. Triceratops was probably a herding animal, like the other ceratopsians.