BRACHIOSAURUS, meaning “Arm and Lizard”
PERIOD: Late Jurassic period about 156-145 million years ago
DIET:Herbivorous- Plant Eater
SIZE:It was believed to have been between 80 and 85 feet long and weighed between 33 and 88 tons. Brachiosaurus was 23 feet tall, at the hips and stood between 40 and 50 feet tall at the head.

  • Brachiosaurus was a giraffe-stanced sauropod, which means that the hind legs of the Brachiosaurus were shorter than the front legs.
  • The first fossils were found in the Colorado River of the United States of America in 1900. Elmer Riggs first described the giant dinosaur in 1903, calling it “the largest known dinosaur”.
  • It is estimated that Brachiosaurus ate between 200 and 400 kilograms (440 and 880 pounds) of plants every day.
  • The front legs were taller than the back legs, and the tail was relatively short. Brachiosaurus was heavy in the front and light in the rear.