Capital Development Authority
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For all public complaints related to Capital Development Authority, Islamabad and Metropolitan Corporation, Islamabad please contact:-
Chief Complaints Officer :
Mobile: 03335123018
Phone : 051-9253016
Email :

CDA Offices location on Map

  • CDA Enquiry Nos.

  • Flood Relief Cell2855513
    F-6/1 Sector9204955
    F-6/3 Sector 9205111
    F-6/4 Sector9202690
    F-7 Sector9202043
    F-8 Sector2262475 9202043
    F-10 Sector9266424
    G-6/4 Sector9204668
    G-6/2 Sector9204672
    G-7/1 Sector9205073
    G-7/2 Sector9205098
    G-7/3 Sector9205042
    G-7/4 Sector9204713
    G-8 Sector9260261
    G-9 Sector9262357
    I-8 Sectors9290295
    R&T CDA (Sectt.)9205621
  • Street Light Enquiry

  • Street Light DIV-I
    G-6,G-7,G-5,F-5,F-6,E-7,F-7,Park Road, kashmir Highway9208837
    Street Light DIV-II
  • Water Tanker Enquiry

  • G-5, G-6, G-7, F-6,F-5, Diplomatic Enclave, Margalla Town, Rawal Town, Ali Pur, Shahzad Town9209680
    I-9, I-8, I-10, I/11, I/129257310 9257304
    G-8, G-9, G-10, G-10 (Headwork), G-11, G-129266316 9106085
    F-7, F-8, F-10, F-11, E-79202218 2852807
    F-8 Tanker Enquiry2817149
    G-6 Water Meter9202109