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The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has designated following Focal Persons for looking-after various sectors of Islamabad. The residents of the Federal Capital can now lodge their complaints related to Environment, Sanitation, Sewerage, Drainage, Civil Works, Roads, Footpaths, Parks, Water Supply, Street Lights and Encroachments with the Focal Persons of their area. The step is aimed at processing the complaints of the Islamabad residents on a fast track basis by decreasing the cumbersome processes involved in lodging of complaints with various Directorates of CDA.

Focal Persons For Various Sectors:
S.No Area/Sectors Officer Title Landline No. Cell No. Email
01 Diplomatic Enclave, Secretariat Deputy Commissioner, CDA 051-9252418
02 F-5, F-6, E-7 Dy. Director HRD-I 051-9252633
03 F-7, F-8, Jogging Trails Special Magistrate, CDA 051-9252822
04 F-10, F-11, D-12 Director (UP) 051-9252495
05 G-5, G-6, Saidpur Village Director (EM-II) 051-9252481 03008466639
06 G-7, G-8, Blue Area Director Enforcement 051-9252998
07 G-9, G-10, F-9 Park Director Municipal Administration 051-9252838
08 G-11, G-13, I-10 Director EM-I (East) 051-9252428 03365777880
09 H-8, H-9, I-8, I-9 Director (R.P) 051-9252605 03365667678
10 Model Villages Director Security 051-9252994 03004029292

CDA Offices location on Map

  • CDA Enquiry Nos.

  • Flood Relief Cell2855513
    F-6/1 Sector9204955
    F-6/3 Sector 9205111
    F-6/4 Sector9202690
    F-7 Sector9202043
    F-8 Sector2262475 9202043
    F-10 Sector9266424
    G-6/4 Sector9204668
    G-6/2 Sector9204672
    G-7/1 Sector9205073
    G-7/2 Sector9205098
    G-7/3 Sector9205042
    G-7/4 Sector9204713
    G-8 Sector9260261
    G-9 Sector9262357
    I-8 Sectors9290295
    R&T CDA (Sectt.)9205621
  • Street Light Enquiry

  • Street Light DIV-I
    G-6,G-7,G-5,F-5,F-6,E-7,F-7,Park Road, kashmir Highway9208837
    Street Light DIV-II
  • Water Tanker Enquiry

  • G-5, G-6, G-7, F-6,F-5, Diplomatic Enclave, Margalla Town, Rawal Town, Ali Pur, Shahzad Town9209680
    I-9, I-8, I-10, I/11, I/129257310 9257304
    G-8, G-9, G-10, G-10 (Headwork), G-11, G-129266316 9106085
    F-7, F-8, F-10, F-11, E-79202218 2852807
    F-8 Tanker Enquiry2817149
    G-6 Water Meter9202109