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Water Supply Directorate

Water Supply Directorate is responsible for production, treatment, conduction and distribution of potable water from different surface as well as ground water resources to the consumer end. Water is supplied to the city through, Simly & Sangjani Water Treatment Plants, Shahdara, Saidpur, Korang & Noorpur Water Works, Poona Faquiran Augmentation scheme and 189 Nos Tube Wells. Supplies from all these resources are managed up to the consumer end through an extensive system of conduction, service reservoirs, sumps/intermediate pumping stations and distribution network.

In addition to above 37 Nos small water filtration plants have also been installed in various sectors of Islamabad to provide clean drinking water to the residents. Moreover, a water tanker service is also running under this Directorate to attend water shortage complaints.

Presently, four Nos. Divisions are working under this Directorate namely, Production Division-I, Production Division-II, Distribution Division (North) and Distribution Division (South) to manage the water supply network.

Water is produced and treated at Simly Filtration Plants, 04 small head works and 174 tube wells and is conveyed to the service reservoirs and sumps/intermediate pumping stations located at appropriate places within the city and further distributed to the houses through distribution network. A tanker service, comprising 36 tankers, is also operated which augments the supply to the consumers as and when required, on nominal charges.
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