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Internal Audit Directorate
Main functions of this Directorate are as follows:
To improve / enhance efficiency in pre-audit process of Authority. To introduce a comprehensive internal Audit System in CDA. To strengthen the weakening Internal Control System. To ensure strict financial discipline through enforcement of financial rules and to deter misuse of funds. To ensure comprehensive detailed/special audit of the divisions executing the works I.e. supply of goods, services and maintenance works etc.
To co-ordinate among ministry, Audit National Assembly Sectt. And concerned CDA formations. To pursue, follow up actions on PAC/DAC directives. To make various arrangements relating to DAC, Pre-DAC, PAC and Pre-PAC meetings.
To get the irregularities/mistakes etc. rectified before the visit of audit team of Auditor General of Pakistan to avoid/curtail their audit observations.. To chalk out the audit program/schedule of the Internal Audit Parties.To issue Internal Audit Reports to the concerned Division. To monitor the compliance of audit observations. To arrange meetings at various levels to discuss Audit reports.
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