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CDA. Budget Fiscal Year 2016-17

Capital Development Authority is an autonomous body and Self Accounting entity under CDA Ordinance 1960. The receipt envelope consists of income from various taxes / fee and sale of residential and commercial plots. The Federal Government does not provide any budgetary support except Maintenance Grant for repair & maintenance of Government buildings & houses. CDA also implements various development projects that are funded by the Federal Government under Public Sector Development Program (PSDP). The major chunk of CDA development expenditure is incurred on development projects such as roads and infrastructure, water supply & Sewerage and beautification related activities. Pay & Pension and utilities are the major charges on non-development part of the budget. After recent local bodies elections Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation (IMC) has come into being and municipal services presently being performed by CDA are to be transferred to IMC.

Salient features of Budget 2016-17 are:-

    Total outlay of spending is estimated at Rs.36,817.27 (M) with deficit of Rs.(1,674.29) (M) due to allocation of Rs.1,676.01 (M) out of CDA source to IMC for 02 months' non-development expenditure i.e. July to August 2016.

    Total receipts are estimated at Rs.35,142.98 (M) which is 7% less than the estimated receipts of current financial year (2015-16) due to transfer of some receipts to IMC.

    Receipt of Rs.4,000.00 (M) is expected from opening up of new sectors such as C-15 & C-16..

    Receipt of Rs.4,000.00 (M) is expected from auction of residential plots in developed sectors.

    Receipt of Rs.6,000.00 (M) is expected from auction of commercial plots.

    Development budget is estimated at Rs.27,539.24 (M) which is 75% of the total budget and 31% more than the current year's development budget. The development budget estimate is inclusive of Rs.22,371.05 (M) for 'Priority Development Projects' (Annex-I).

    Non–Development expenditure is estimated at Rs. 9,278.03 (M) which is 25% of the total budget and 44% less than current financial year expenditure due to transfer of formations to IMC

    An amount of Rs.200.00 (M) has been reserved under Revenue A/c for payment of Taxes to FBR.

    Rs.727.00 (M) has been kept for refund to the allottees of Sector I-15.

    Rs.1,200.00 (M) has been proposed for 'Land Acquisition/BUP / Effectees payment'.

    An amount of Rs.1,000.00 (M) has been earmarked for debt servicing for PK-24 (Khanpur Dam Project).

    An amount of Rs.500.00 (M) has been allocated for debt servicing for PK-25 (Metropolitan 3rd Conduction – Simly Dam).

    A lump sum provision amounting to Rs.150.00 (M) has been earmarked in Revenue A/c for expected rise in "pay & allowances" and "pension"

    A lump sum provision amounting to Rs.300.00 (M) has been earmarked in Revenue A/c for expected rise in "utility charges" such as electricity, gas & telephone etc

Highlights of CDA Budget 2016-17

 Highlights of CDA Budget 2016-17